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September 29 at ANU – Museum of the Jewish People, the sixth meeting of the film club “With Your Own Eyes”, organized in partnership with the bookstore “Babel” will be held. and the NADAV Foundation.

“Big Poetry” – Alexander Lungin's first full-length directorial work, a film shot in 2019 and received a lot of cinematographic awards for best director and best male role.

No annotation will give an idea of ​​what will happen on the screen. Because the plot is simple: two heroes who returned home after military service in the Donbass work as collectors in a private security company, go to cockfights and write poetry until they decide to rob. In this stingy description, you will not see the post-traumatic disorder of the army friends Viktor and Lekha, you will not discern their poetic talent or mediocrity, you will not understand the motives of their actions and their inevitable consequences.

Director Roma Liberov, host of the cinema club, not only discusses with viewers of the film after the screening, he tries to teach how to watch the movie. He disassembles the film into its components and again, with the help of the audience, puts it into the meanings that the authors probably wanted to convey to the public. To the discussion of “Great Poetry” Alexander Lungin recorded a video with answers to several questions that the host of the evening will definitely ask the audience.

The main roles in the film were played by famous actors Alexander Kuznetsov and Alexei Filimonov, the poems were written by modern poets Andrey Rodionov and Fyodor Svarovsky.
19.00 – gathering of guests for a glass of wine
19.15 – start browsing
21.15 – open discussion of the film

September 29, ANU – museum of the Jewish people, st. Klausner, 15, Tel Aviv.


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