Gratton wants to see its “real” Marquis at work

Gratton souhaite voir ses «vrais» Marquis à l’oeuvre

After a first weekend of two losses, the Marquis will be performing for the first time in front of their supporters, Friday evening, at the Palais des sports. For the occasion, they will have the opportunity to take their revenge on the Assurancia of Thetford.

Saturday, Jonquiérois will be in St. George for a first fight in the face of the Cool FM. What is Benoit Gratton wants to see that it has not seen during the week-end inaugural ? “I want to go back to the identity of the Marquis of the past few years, a team hard to play against. I found that in the last two games, it has not gone out of the way that we would have wanted, not only in our game but also in our attitude. It is recognized as a team hard to play against and I have not found it last week. It is really an element that we want to show end-of-week “, to know the coach.

During the first weekend, the Jonquiérois have not obtained the expected results with setbacks of 6-2 to Thetford and then 6-4 in Rivière-du-Loup. “We saw that when even of beautiful things, last week. However, for the beautiful things you could see, there were some less good things, and, all the time, it looks like it was in our goal. Even against Thetford on Friday, in the first game, we had good chances. The guardian Jean-Philippe Levasseur has been solid. I don’t think the score necessarily indicates the pace of the meeting. I do not think that we deserved to win, I wouldn’t go that far, but we saw beautiful things. It is sure that we should set lots of things in the defensive. We gave far too many odd man rushes. It is something that we’re going to have to tackle. “

Benoit Gratton agrees that with several newcomers, the sauce will take a little more time to take. It still gives a few meetings to really take notice of the team he has on hand.

“We don’t want to find an excuse with the new ones, but it is a reality. In a team where you train every day, it may seem a little bit less because you have the chance to fine-tune the system and create a chemistry between the players. In our case, the players arrive on a Friday night, play the match and leave. It is not easy to go searching. This is one of the reasons, but it is up to the veterans of last year to pass the message to newcomers and this is what is the real Marquis. It is what you want to send at the end of the week and it’s going to take exactly what we will ask, ” to indicate the coach jonquiérois.

“There is no panic, but at the same time, there are a lot of things to work on, and question marks. We will try to resolve them quickly and look to the front “, to continue Benoit Gratton, glad to find supporters jonquiérois.

“It was never easy for the visiting crew to come play at the Palace. Our crowd is one of the best in the league, if not the best. It has good supporters behind us. The new go to feel that there is something special in Jonquière, î Benoit Gratton.



• The newcomer Spiro Goulakos will miss the entire end of the week, which was planned at the signing of his contract last week. Jonathan Oligny is bring in relief to the blue line with veteran Christopher Guay. For his part, James Desmarais will be in uniform Saturday in Saint-Georges.

• The local opening of the Marquis will make a tribute to the former colleague and head of the sports section of the Newspaper, Serge Émond, who retired from the beginning of the year. It will also play a formal, in front of parents and friends.

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