Granovsky left the party Poroshenko

Грановский вышел из партии Порошенко

The decision of the Deputy is not explained, but does not plan to participate in the elections with the party of the former President.

People’s Deputy Alexander Granovsky on Wednesday, may 29, said that he left the party Block Petro Poroshenko. About this he wrote on Facebook, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

“Bearing in mind decision I made about the continuation of its independent political path, two days after ceased the membership of the party Block Petro Poroshenko,” – said the MP.

While Granovsky notes that “as of this moment, no plans to become part of a new parliamentary list of the party of European Solidarity or party support this force as an independent candidate.

While Granovsky noted that the search for some kind of subtext in its decision, should not be, “because it is not.” He thanked supporters and colleagues, said that Poroshenko “has deservedly gone down in history of Ukraine for having taken the bold and historic decision”.

“This parliamentary term — the first in my life that gave me the opportunity to understand myself better and helped to determine the life and political priorities. Without going into boring details, the decision to continue following its own path — an organic and honest,” says Granovsky.

Saakashvili’s party is in the parliamentary elections

The MP has promised to inform the public about their new solutions, if they are adopted.

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