Grammy winners on the Israeli stage

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 Grammy winners on Israeli stage

Celebrating on Jazz Street: Eminent musicians, multiple Grammy nominees and winners Stanley Jordan and Bill Evans are coming to Israel. They are brought together on the same stage by the tireless jazzman, pianist and producer Leonid Ptashka. His new project is called Grammy Jazz Summit

American fusion guitarist Stanley Jordan– a real legend. Glory came to him in 1985, immediately after the release of the first record Magic Touch. It was then that the general public became enthusiastic about the new technique of playing, which is called “tapping”. Stanley Jordan was not its inventor, but he brought tapping to modern music, made it popular. At first, Stanley seriously studied the piano, but then, imitating Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana, he began to master the guitar. And in the end, actually combined the technique of these two instruments.

 Grammy winners on Israeli stage

Magic Touch was a bombshell, sold a huge circulation, and for 51 weeks the album remained at the top of the most prestigious Billboard charts. At the same time, Stanley Jordan was nominated for the Grammy Award for the first time. Then he was nominated for it three more times.

Stanley Jordan brought his tapping technique to a phenomenal level, but this was not enough for him, and today he plays two guitars, or a guitar and a piano. This is an incredible, bewitching spectacle of the birth of polyphonic sound, which is created by one musician.

The essence of tapping is that the sound is extracted from the string by tapping on the strings, much like hammering the strings in a piano. Some guitarists strike alternately with their right and left fingers, which is common in heavy metal today. But Stanley Jordan performs the so-called polyphonic tapping – his left and right hands simultaneously perform two independent parts. It looks like two guitarists are playing at the same time. The tapping sound is soft and voluminous. In addition, the method allows you
to play music written for keyboards on strings.

Today, Jordan is named among the 100 best guitarists of all time. He performs a variety of music: Bartok, jazz classics, blues. He creates unexpected interpretations: Beatles songs; and Led Zeppelin in a jazz manner, “Bolero” Ravel in Afro and Latina styles. He also made history by creating the original startup melody for the first generation of Macintosh computers!.

Jordan is constantly developing the musical space, moving both in breadth and depth, turning music from entertainment into a way of experience, and even healing. No wonder Stanley Jordan has been practicing music therapy for many years, studied at the university and has a master's degree. And wherever he goes on tour, he tries to come to hospitals and schools to play healing music and help people feel better.

The second star invited to the festival is American saxophonist Bill Evans< /strong>. He began his career in the band of Michael Davis himself, performed solo parts on the famous albums «The Man With The Horn» or “We Want Miles”, for which the musicians received a Grammy Award. His talent and constant desire for experiments made it possible to make a dizzying career. He played with the Mahavishnu Orchestra, recorded with Andy Summers and Mick Jagger, and released solo albums in country, reggae, funk and hip hop styles. In the early nineties, it was he who first combined jazz and hip-hop. On Soulgrass, released in 2005, he introduced a hybrid of jazz and bluegrass, sometimes referred to as the Americana style. or alternative country.

 Grammy winners on Israeli stage

” “As a jazz musician,” he says, “it's crazy fun to dive into something new and then see what I can add to it.”

Evans has been nominated for several Grammy Awards, including solo albums Soulgrass and Soul Insider.

By the way, Bill Evans is the full namesake of the famous pianist, one of the most significant jazz musicians of the 20th century. That Bill Evans, whose career peaked in the 1960s, lived only 51 years, but to this day remains one of the most famous improvisational pianists, the inventor of new harmonies and rhythms, new sounds and studio mixing of sounds. He was nominated for a Grammy Award 31 times and received it 7 times, and in 1994 he was posthumously awarded a Grammy for his contribution to world musical culture.

In addition, Bill Evans is one of the creators of the modern chamber jazz genre piano trio (piano trio), which includes an improvising pianist and double bassist and drummer soloing with him. It is this genre that has become the hallmark of the Israeli jazz virtuoso pianist Leonid Ptashka, laureate of 17 international competitions, participant and welcome guest of jazz festivals around the world. Leonid Ptashka is not just an outstanding musician, but an ascetic and promoter of jazz music in Israel. And it was he who was able to convince such outstanding guitarists to come to Israel.

Several other remarkable musicians will take part in the Grammy Jazz Summit project: saxophonist Yakov Neiman, jazz vocalist Roy Young, and the trio of Leonid Ptashka : Valery Lipets, double bass; Alex Akopov, drums; Oleg Naiman,

Concerts will take place on 30.01 in Kiryat Motzkin and 31.01 in Tel Aviv.
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