Gradsky's sister calls for an end to the persecution of the artist's children

 Gradsky's sister urges to stop bullying the artist's children

The sister of the legendary Alexander Gradsky, Natalya, was indignant at the statements of one of the journalists about the children of the musician.

Natalya Gradskaya expressed her indignation in an interview with Sobesednik.< br />
Journalist Andrei Karaulov, who called himself a “friend” Gradsky, said that the musician's children declared war on each other and his widow because of the inheritance.

Natalya Gradskaya assures that there is no war, and the journalist is promoting himself on the musician's death.

"Stop bullying kids! Do not call yourself a friend of Sasha Gradsky. The children of Gradsky are well-educated and intelligent people. And your nonsense must be stopped,” demanded Alexander Gradsky's sister.

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