Government may reopen casinos in Jericho

 Government may reopen Jericho casino

Israeli TV channel 12 reports that the government is “weighing” an opportunity to reopen the casino in Jericho.

Journalist Nir Dvori recalls that “the casinos were very fond of the Israelis” and that the Palestinians also “press very hard” so that the casino will be allowed to open.

Dvori says: “While the decision has been made to say no” – but only for now. But there will be a second discussion shortly to see if this is possible. In the meantime, a joint project between the Israeli security forces and the Palestinian secret services has already been launched without much fuss, the purpose of which is to attract tourists to Jericho. There is no casino yet, but today you can get on the bus with a guide and enjoy the antiquities, restaurants and market of the city. In recent weeks, several hundred Israelis have already enjoyed such a tour”.

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