Gourmania in Maadaney Mania: discounts on delicacies until the end of the week!

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 Gourmania in Maadanei Mania: discounts on delicacies until the end of the week!

Snacks can rightly be considered the most versatile dish. Imagine you have guests. The fridge is empty, no time to cook. No panic! You, Yurk, to the nearest “Mania” for delicacies for guests, and there special discounts are exactly what you need: red caviar (“Kamchatka gold” 99.90 nis/250 gr)*, red fish (smoked trout fillet NIS 49.90/400g)* or shrimp (peeled NIS 49.90/2 pack of 500g each)*. And now, you have a delicious, elegant table ready.

 Gourmania in Maadaney Mania: discounts on delicacies until the end of the week!

 Gourmania in Maadanei Mania: discounts on delicacies until the end of the week!

These gourmet appetizers are complemented by French cognac Grand Breuil VS (NIS 89.90/700 ml*, instead of NIS 99.90). Cognac has recently appeared in Israel and we assure you that it will easily turn any dinner into a party: the piercing aroma of flowers and fruits, with a honey aftertaste and a touch of orange tree make this 6-year-old aged cognac unforgettable – as if drinking a real summer.< br />

 Gourmania at Maadney Mania: Gourmet Deals Discounts Until the End of the Week!

For whiskey connoisseurs, we also have an offer: Scotch Whiskey Lauder’s, Grand Macnish, Highland Queen Sherry Cask Finish now in Maadaney Mania for only 79.90 NIS per 1 liter*.
And for those who lack freshness and coolness in this heat, we offer cold light beer with snacks. Moreover, until the end of this week (until 08/20/2022) Zhiguli bar beer 29.90 nis. for 5 bottles of 450 ml*.

By the way, about beer. The famous “Zhiguli bar” retains the captivating aroma of hops, while the malt and refreshing light bitterness are not inferior, creating an individual taste. This taste can be complemented by an unusual cheese (medium soft) with creamy notes Scamorza Ciresa regular or smoked, which now costs only 19.90 NIS/250gr*, instead of 32.90 NIS/250gr. Such a duet will make a wonderful company any evening!

 Gourmania in Maadaney Mania: discounts on delicacies until the end of the week!

But if you do not want extraordinary products, your soul requires something familiar and beloved, choose raw smoked sausage – you will never go wrong. In a bite with bread, vegetables or just thin slices dissolving in your mouth, the sausage produced in our factory will be the highlight of any program: you have planned to spend time with your family, company or alone. Moreover, until the end of this week (20.08.22), Russian and Rohberg sausages at a great price – 9.90 NIS/100 gr*, These types of sausages were produced among the first and have been the sales leader for 25 years – freshness and “the same taste” you are guaranteed!
for dessert. The same tender honey cake “Red”, whose taste reminds of a carefree childhood and home, is now available in our stores only 34.90 NIS* instead of 49.90.

As you can see, in just a couple of minutes in one store you can find and assemble a varied, appetizing, high-quality table for every occasion and taste, and most importantly, at prices that you will find only here in Maadaney Mania*! Don't miss out on the great discounts!

List of discounts valid from 16.08 to 20.08.2022:

  1. Russian Sausage/Rochberg 9.90 NIS/100 gr*< /strong>
  2. Peeled shrimp (41/50) 49.90 nis/2 pack (500 gr each)*
  3. Smoked, chopped, frozen trout fillet 49.90 nis/400gr*
  4. Red caviar “Kamchatka gold” 99.90 NIS/250 gr*
  5. Assorted Scamorza Ciresa cheese 19.90 NIS/250 gr*
  6. Cognac Grand Breuil VS (France) NIS 89.90/700 ml*
  7. Scotch Whiskey Lauder’s/Grand Macnish/Highland Queen Sherry Cask Finish NIS 79.90/1 l*
  8. Zhiguli bar beer 29.90 nis/5 bottles (450 ml each)*
  9. Bron cake “Red” 34, 90 nis/550 gr*

*Discounts are valid for purchases from 50 shekels (not including discounted items) and up to 3 pcs/3kg/3 shares.
Valid from 16.08 to 20.08.2022
or until the end of stock in accordance with the assortment each branch. There may be errors in the ad. Prices shown in store are final.
Photos are for illustration purposes only.
**Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health and life.

Attention, good news! Dear residents and guests of Bat-Yam, for all products in the sausage and meat department, a 20% discount in two stores at once: on the street. Balfour, 97 and at st. Balfour, 134. This discount is non-duplicate and valid until 31.08 or while stock lasts.
All discounts here!
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