Goulakos is in agreement with the Marquis

Goulakos s'entend avec les Marquis

On the eve of the start of the season in the League north american hockey (LNAH), the Marquis de Jonquière have added an important piece to their brigade defense with the signing of the back giant-sized Spiro Goulakos.

The talks with the defender of 28 years took place for several weeks already.

Goulakos has not had a typical course in the world of hockey. After having played four years in the junior AAA, the Montreal native has taken the road of the colleges in the u.s. (ECHL), even being named captain of the training from Colgate University during his last two seasons. After two campaigns to split his time between the american League (AHL) and the ECHL, the player is 6 feet 2 inches and 194 pounds went into exile in England last year, amassing 56 points in 47 meetings, in addition to spend 221 minutes in the dungeon.

To the director-general of the team, Marc Boivin, it is a homerun. “With the addition of Goulakos, Jonathan Diaby and Mathieu Brisebois, the defensive Marquis will definitely be one of the best in the LNAH. The signing of this player would not have been possible without the exceptional nose of our recruiter-in-chief, Lucien Paquette, who was drafted in the tenth round of the draft universal of 2017 “, he stressed, announcing that the new arrival will be in uniform at the opening of the season on Friday night at Thetford.


The leaders of the Marquis de Jonquière have found their new captain. It will be unveiled only at the end of the week, after the announcement to the players. “We’re going to keep it for us for the time being. I have not announced yet to the players. I like so better not talk about it right away, but we are going to have one, it is safe, ” assured the coach, Benoit Gratton.

The Jonquiérois will have several new faces this season, especially within the brigade defensive. “We returned a guy like Jonathan Diaby, who has not played for about a year and a half. We are going to give him a good month to evaluate his game. It is the same thing for new players. We do not want to evaluate the players too quickly. From what I’ve seen at camp and in both preseason matchups, we are going to have an exciting team to watch. I think we’re going to have a lot of speed and we’re going to be able to bring the element of robustness also ” estimating the head coach, having in mind another newcomer, Danick Paquette.

The attack

In his assessment, other new acquisitions in attack have helped add speed, a little to the image of the most recent Cup champions Vertdure, the Éperviers Sorel-Tracy.

“I think their speed was the difference. They were strong in defence, but in attack, it skated a lot. During the summer, Rivière-du-Loup went to get of the players may be smaller, but faster. It is a bit of a tangent in the game of hockey in general. It is the speed that prime. Our league does not have the choice to follow this wave. It is certain that you want to keep the DNA of the LNAH, which has always been the robustness. We even went to look for guys who are able to hold their end of this side “, to assert Benoit Gratton.


On Saturday, it should, however, pass by Jean-Simon Allard and James Desmarais and Stephan Chaput will miss the end-of-week inaugural. “After Christmas, they will still be pretty available. This is another more. Yes, we may not have all the time in the beginning of the season, but if you can have them in the alignment at the end of the season and for the playoffs, it’s going to give us a depth. We don’t want to relive what we experienced during the last year. We try to bring a lot of players who are going to be able to play when it’s going to count, ” says Benoit Gratton,


Benoit Gratton: The advantage of being a former player

Benoit Gratton is no longer a green rookie behind the bench of the Marquis. It will begin Friday, his second season at the helm of the training jonquiéroise.

“Having played, I know the league and especially the players. I would say even more as a coach. Quand tu affrontes the players, you know the trends, and more the forces of a coach behind the bench. This was an advantage for me. It is sure that in the last year, it was still a challenge to switch from play to result in a year. It is sure that this year, without saying that I feel more comfortable, it’s going to be a team a little more in my hand,” he says.

Strong men

In the League north american hockey, the management of men of strength is an important element that has tamed Benoit Gratton last season. “Yes, we’d like to have, but at the same time, there are less and less”, he recalled, saying in the same breath as the addition of players like Danick Paquette and Jonathan Diaby will have very positive repercussions.

“It’s fun to have players like that, but who are able to give 15-20 minutes of ice time and even more. I won’t name names, but players who make a per period, this is not very intimidating,” agrees Benoit Gratton.

“A player like Paquette, who is a regular presence, is going to be in the face of opposing players of the first and second trio, that is another story. It is much more intimidating when you know that the player is on the ice, skating and is able to apply good failed. We will not be intimidated”, he says.


Hugo Carpentier is not presented with the BlackJacks Berlin

The former captain of the Marquis Hugo Carpentier has decided not to be present with the BlackJacks of Berlin. Shortly after the transaction, which has passed into the hands of the american team in August, in the company of defender Jonathan Payment, he had mentioned being in thought, not having the desire to do a five-hour drive and pass the customs every weekend.

Alex Picard, who had made the camp of the Marquis last year before agreeing with a formation of the League of the continental Russian (KHL), is currently in Quebec and without a contract. “If he has not received offers at the end of October, it would not surprise me that we see it in our team in November,” said Benoit Gratton about the former first-round, 8 in total, by the Blue Jackets of Columbus. “This is not a player who is at the end of a career. He has 32 years old, and he is still capable of giving. It could be a acquisition for us “, expresses he.

For a fifth season, it will be possible to follow the games of the Marquis on the road on the radio CKAJ 92,5. Dominic Bolduc will ensure even the description.

es supporters of the Marquis will have to wait until Friday, 12 October to see their favorites in action on the ice of Palace of sports, against the Assurancia of Thetford.

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