Gott’s signature Anticharta? Karel himself could never admit that he behaved rudely, says director Olga Malířová Špátová

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Gott’s signature Anticharta? Karel himself could never admit that he behaved rudely, says director Olga Malířová Špátová

“And it never occurred to me that he would let me shoot when he was no longer well, he was in pain. When he knew he had a few months to live. I really appreciate it. I think he did it precisely because he knew how many people were in the same situation and felt the need to pass it on to them. “

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According to the director, Karel Gott always lived according to what people say, he wanted to be here for them.

“I suffered from this from the beginning, when in November, a month after the start of filming, I learned that Karel had half a year of life ahead of him. At that moment, the shooting changed completely. It was all the more difficult for me, “he describes.

“I also have a man who is older than me and we have a small child. I experienced everything so personally. I saw his two little girls – one was 12 and the other 14 – when their dad was leaving. I often wondered how far the camera could go. “

He always lived life to the fullest

The director admits that there were several situations in which she considered a lot if, as she says, she did not overdo it.

“I remember once how we went to film a scene where Karel, a month before leaving, was sitting by the chapel and looking into the woods. We had to get there in a golf cart and he didn’t do well on the way and he was weak. That’s when I wondered if it was worth it? Why did I take him there? Why I led him to go there. But instead of wanting to be at home in bed, in comfort and peace, Karel was happy to still be able to experience it. That he still got there and that he could still see the forest and touch nature. And I remember how happy we were both for that. He longed to live life to the fullest – more in demanding work than in comfort. “

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Karel Gott was used to the attention of the audience all his life, he always went into everything to the fullest, he was always made up, adjusted.

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“When his mother or father died before the concert, he still went for it. He straightened up and felt he had to take on the winner – that’s how he perceived it. I never understood him in this. But here it was different, because I wanted to make a film where it’s not the tinsel of show business, where there are superficial themes. I wanted to break through and get to that man. It wasn’t easy, because he lived surrounded by show business and exactly what people would say. ”

“And when God gave us this difficult situation in this way, I suddenly met a wise man who is really brave to leave. Suddenly I knew him more as a person, “thinks Olga Malířová Špátová.

Illuminati and Anticharta

Karel Gott was also known for his alternative view of the world, claiming, for example, that the world was ruled by the Illuminati, a mysterious group of powerful financiers and occultists.

“When I touched it with him, I understood that in order to understand it, not just to be funny or embarrassing or sad, it took a lot of time, and that was not possible in this film. So I had to choose the film lines that I worked on – you just can’t want everything, “he explains.

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However, the director did not want to avoid Gott’s controversial past in the 1960s.

“I understood that he was still completely different from what we perceive today. In the beginning, in the 1960s until the occupation, he was actually quite brave. At the same time, I know that he didn’t even have anything to lose, and there were a lot of brave people back then. He was actually a rebel. Only then did he become afraid and behave differently. ”

When did Karel Gott stop being brave? “When the situation here became difficult, he became afraid. He also saw how Marta Kubišová and others ended up. I tried to understand this as well, which I always do in my films, because I never want to condemn anyone. ”

She also tried not to defend the singer. “It wasn’t easy because you can simply slip into adoring him or forgiving him. It was a great weakness – and that’s why I wanted to stand up to it. “

All his life, Karel Gott longed to be so decent, he treated everything as humanly. That’s why he never commented on Anticharta.
Olga Malířová Špátová

When he answers the question of what has changed since 1968, whether Karel Gott felt that he had disappointed by signing Anticharta, Olga Malířová Špátová says:

“That’s right, he couldn’t put up with it. A lot of people then apologized for it and he seemed to want to be so decent all his life, he treated everything as human. He was also raised by his mother as an English gentleman. That’s why he never commented on it, he never bravely stood up to it. ”

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“I have heard various testimonies that Charles resisted the signature and then resisted speaking on the Anticharta. I even have the testimony of one of the drivers who drove him there – how long it took when they persuaded him and didn’t even persuade him for the first time. Karel told them that he is not a person who understands politics, but a singer who does not want to speak, “he adds.

“I know this from his friends. He himself could not admit that he had sometimes behaved rudely towards people. And that was really a very bad step towards all the Chartists or Marta Kubišová. Although he loved her immensely, they were friends, and he stood up for her, supported her, pleaded. So he never stood up to it. We had a long debate with Karel on this topic, that it is necessary to deal with it once and for all in our film. ”

Report on the 20th century

Olga Malířová Špátová admits that the whole film was not just about the life of a pop star. “I wanted it to be a report on the 20th century. About how to approach situations. I myself do not know how I would stand under the previous regime. I believe bravely, but I can’t say at all. None of us can say that. So it’s a raised finger to behave if God forbid it came once. ”

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And also how to behave when a doctor tells you that you are only half a year old.

“I think I’ll think about it one day. And Charles. Because I wouldn’t expect him to let him shoot in his pajamas at the hospital. I really appreciated it because he had cared about what he looked like all his life. As he is dressed, he would never come out disheveled. Never. And suddenly he understood that this is also a part of life – and I really appreciate that, “he concludes.

Karel Gott, in a sense, became more beautiful and spiritualized towards the end of his life. He looked emaciated, but there was something deeper than ever.
Karel Gott

He admits that in the editing room it was very difficult to choose which shot to use and which is too much.

“But suddenly we said to ourselves that Karel, in a sense, became beautiful at the end of his life, spiritualized. He looked emaciated, but there was something deeper than ever. I saw it there and I wanted to pass it on to people. ”

“Even though a person lives in luxury and comfort and unfortunately in the radiance of show business, suddenly at the end of life he can be so real, honest. He sits in a T-shirt in a cottage and humbly looks at nature and paints the house where he went to see his grandmother. I thought that when I thought to myself: Yes, now I have probably touched a person and it probably can’t go any further, “adds Olga Malířová Špátová.

You can find the whole interview of the program Osobnost Plus in the audio recording. Barbora Tachecí asked.


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