Google will release a revolutionary smartphone designer: “return to childhood”

Google выпустит революционный смартфон-конструктор: «возвращает в детство»

Google is developing a weird smartphone that every user will be able to collect the necessary form

Most likely, there was a restart Project Ara — an earlier concept of hardware and user customizable gadgets. To compete the new device will have with the existing Moto Mods.

The patent of Google, devoted to one of the variants of the engineering design of future smartphones may be the basis of a whole family of phones, based on the several types of Central unit and all peripherals will be installed at the request of the buyer.

Google выпустит революционный смартфон-конструктор: «возвращает в детство»

The application describes the device, the heart of which is the main unit with the chipset, screen, sensors and battery. Connected to the expansion unit and together they are placed in a single frame.

The most interesting detail is the module with additional equipment. It can be a wide range of devices: separate camera, memory expansion, joystick for games, a separate sound system and even compatible gadgets from other manufacturers. As a camera may be used an ordinary mobile module, and specially created. Its own electronic filling such chamber is not limited by the signal processor embedded in a chipset of the Central unit.

Google выпустит революционный смартфон-конструктор: «возвращает в детство»

Google is not the first time developing such a concept. In 2013, after the acquisition of Motorola Mobility has begun active work on Project Ara — free (no license fees) software and hardware platform modular smartphone.

As planned by the developers, they will create only one part — the frame (the base of the housing and the data bus), and everyone will be able to develop and produce compatible modules. These blocks can be anything: cameras, displays, keyboards, batteries, and sensors. The results of this project several concepts and engineering prototypes, but in 2016 Google has officially turned the Project Ara.

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Another example of a modular smartphone shows the company Lenovo, which bought Motorola Mobility to Google in 2016. According to their concept, the main device is complete, and additional modules are external, mounted on magnets and connected with a smartphone via a special flat connector.

Recall that in the fall, Google is going to present a “smart” Pixel Watch.

As reported Politeka, it became known that should be immediately removed, it turned out common cause of fast discharge of smartphones.

Politeka also wrote that the iPhone XS is compared with the Google Pixel 2 XL, one camera better.

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