Google is preparing to release a revolutionary smartphone: the details of the new

Google готовится выпустить революционный смартфон: подробности новинки

Google Pixel new generation will support the new useful function

Information about Pixel 4 often appears in the Network, and this despite the fact that the company still has not provided Pixel 3 Lite.

On the portal, which publishes the source code of the Android Open Source Project, there was made by one of the developers of the edit, adding another system flag. It indicates whether the dual-SIM smartphone. While I do not mean the number of slots for SIM-cards, and the number of simultaneous SIM.

Google готовится выпустить революционный смартфон: подробности новинки

Some smart phones include two SIM slots, between which it is necessary to switch manually. An example of such a smartphone is Pixel 3: there is a regular SIM slot is eSIM, but at the same time can work only one SIM card.

Judging by the comments left by the developer to the edit, Pixel 4 the situation will be corrected. According to him, the edit “is needed to distinguish Pixel 2018 <…> from Pixel 2019 (which will have Dual-SIM functionality)”.

Most likely, Google and Apple, and the vast majority of Chinese manufacturers, sells duchemosnos scheme DSDS: both SIM can be registered online at the same time but active communication is only possible on one. (DSDA with two active communication is very rare, as it requires two radios). Interestingly, the developer says that Dual-SIM functionality is in Pixel 3, but “is confined to the feeding of dogs”, that is available only in internal testing.

Google готовится выпустить революционный смартфон: подробности новинки

Also earlier it was reported that the owners of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL began to complain about poor quality calls, in particular, distortion during conversations and poor communication between the interlocutors.

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The corresponding message appeared on the Google Product forum Forum. According to the source, some of the users complains that no one hears what they say within the first few seconds of each call.

Others report that the sound is transmitted in bursts, the words are clipped, there are very strong echoes and other distortions. One of the users who bought the device from Verizon, changed smartphone new, but the problem manifested itself in him.

Recall that in the fall, Google is going to present a “smart” Pixel Watch.

As reported Politeka, it became known that should be immediately removed: it turned out common cause of fast discharge of smartphones.

Politeka also wrote that the iPhone XS is compared with the Google Pixel 2 XL: one camera better.

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