Google has defined the term “jew” to mean bargaining in a “stingy or petty way”

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 Google defined the term “jew” as haggling in a “mean or petty way”

Google changed search results for “jew” after complaining about the creation of an anti-Semitic image as the main definition. Prior to editing, the search engine listed the word as a verb, which means “to bargain with someone in a mean or petty way”.

The label “offensive” was included in the result, and Google wrote that the origin The term is associated with 19th century stereotypes “associating Jews with trade and usury.”

“It is deeply disturbing that Google's artificial intelligence cannot recognize obvious anti-Semitic hate speech in popular search results for the term “Jew”, – declared the World Jewish Congress. “We expect corrective action to be taken immediately”.

After criticism on social media, Google removed this definition of “jew” and apologized.

“Google checks definitions provided by third-party dictionary experts. By default, we only display offensive definitions if they are the primary meaning of the term. Since this is not the case here, we have blocked this and forwarded the feedback to the partner for further review”, – explained on Twitter a representative of Google SearchLiaison.

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