Google has created unique footwear is good for health

Google создали уникальную обувь: полезно для здоровья

Google has developed a model of shoes, controlling a person’s weight

A new project called “Google Shoes”. The authors-the developers promise to all customers, combining comfort with health benefits. The shoes are equipped with special sensors that will measure and control the weight of its owner.

Google Shoes will interact with the owner via smartphone. In the case that the weight change in either direction, the shoes will transmit the data to the smartphone which, in turn, will inform the owner about possible health problems.

Google создали уникальную обувь: полезно для здоровья

According to the developers, the smart of running shoes aimed at helping people who have problems with obesity or exhaustion, and also people disease which is directly related to the change of body weight.

In addition, the sneakers will monitor the physical activity of its owner. Shoes is able to track the status of the elderly, and also to report injuries and falls.

Of course, at this stage it is only development, and not all people prefer to wear sneakers constantly. Most likely, the weight control and health will be timing.

Google создали уникальную обувь: полезно для здоровья

Earlier it was reported that the smart watch Apple saved another human life.

Smart watch Apple watch saved a man’s life. Recently there was a story in Norway, where 67-year-old resident Toralv Osting for unknown reasons, fell in his bathroom and injured his head.

Device has determined the time of the fall. As the man did not respond to the alert, the watch called the ambulance that saved the life of a Norwegian. The doctors diagnosed men three skull fractures.

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Thanks to the functions of the system drops the Apple watch is not the first time save someone’s life. Also there were cases when the clock was determined from the users of heart problems and was advised to see a doctor.

We will remind, the well-known technology 5G can be dangerous and provoke cancer.

As reported Politeka, scientists have developed a battery that receives energy from Wi-Fi.

Politeka also wrote that Google has added to Android unique application: “to solve problems of millions.”

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