Google Chrome got a welcome update: “make a dream”

Google Chrome получил долгожданное обновление: «заставит пофантазировать»

The programmers of Google has again improved its popular browser Google Chrome

Every month, competition in the market of web browsers increases, with the result that the developers of all these applications has to be spent on their improvement, more time and effort.

Yesterday, 12 February 2019, the release updates Google Chrome browser, which received a long-awaited innovation from which all delighted. Now to try out the innovation by the owners of computers and tablets running Windows, macOS or Linux. In the future, this innovation may be available in versions for Android and iOS platforms.

Google Chrome получил долгожданное обновление: «заставит пофантазировать»

In this update, Google Chrome has received the support of 14 official themes that make the entire interface much more appealing to the eye.

Browser users available black, blue, emerald, purple, blue, yellow, black and white, pink, brown, crimson, and purple, as well as a few that make the appearance of the web browser is very minimalistic, catchy, or Vice versa, with the result that he was immediately paying attention. In the future the list of available color schemes will be expanded.

To use the new theme you need to update Google Chrome browser to the newest and latest version of that can be done in its settings, then you should run the online store extension.

Google Chrome получил долгожданное обновление: «заставит пофантазировать»

Right there in the official repository available for 14 different themes for every taste and color that will change the default look of the browser. After selecting the most suitable user must click on the “Install” button that will allow to install the desired theme.

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Of course, in case of necessity, the theme of the browser can be disabled, and it is very easy – just go to the extensions list and remove the one that is responsible for its work.

It is important to note that themes are the official addition of Google Chrome browser, so this is not some third-party software. This feature guarantees 100% stability and the absence of any problems that may arise when using different kind of extensions from third-party developers, changes in one degree or another standard browser.

Recall, Google is introducing a new protection technology.

As reported Politeka, Google appeared a convenient opportunity.

Also Politeka wrote that Google Chrome is now available in the new version.

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