Google borrows a useful feature from the iPhone XS “actions faster”

Google позаимствовала полезную функцию из iPhone XS: «действия стали быстрее»

Google has improved the smartphones that are on the Android system

From time to time even competing companies such as Google and Apple have some way to borrow the development of each other in order to improve user experience on their operating systems, because to invent something new and revolutionary on an ongoing basis is simply impossible.

Yesterday, 13 February 2019, “the search giant” added in all Android smartphones useful feature of the iPhone XS, although to meet her also in other mobile devices brand, which are available in the market for a few years.

Google позаимствовала полезную функцию из iPhone XS: «действия стали быстрее»

We are talking about the 3D Touch technology that recognizes three forces pressing on the screen, starting weak and ending strong.

It would seem that such a feature is impossible to implement in the phones through the implementation of its support at the software level, because this requires a special display, which is installed in the iPhone XS, but American Google went on a trick that allowed her to add support for this technology in all smartphones based on Android operating system.

Many owners of smartphones on Android got new Google Play store application, that is, the software store. At first glance it seems that nothing has changed, but really this is a big misconception.

Google позаимствовала полезную функцию из iPhone XS: «действия стали быстрее»

From now on in any menu of the app store you can put your finger on the icon of any app by holding it over a second, after which the screen will display quick access menu that allows you to get basic information about the developer and, in addition, to complete the installation.

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Context menu itself also now looks as follows as on iOS 12. Google, apparently, decided to copy from the App store support this possibility, however, in the case of Apple mobile devices it only works with phones that support 3D Touch. In the case of gadgets based on Android, anyone can use the innovation without any restrictions, and it is a very big plus. All you need to do is to update the GP store to the latest version.

Recall, Google is introducing a new protection technology.

As reported Politeka, Google appeared a convenient opportunity.

Also Politeka wrote that Google Chrome is now available in the new version.

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