Google and Geely presented an innovative unmanned taxi

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 Google and Geely presented an innovative unmanned taxi

An unmanned Zeekr M-Vision taxi was shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It is planned to be launched into mass production from 2024, and it is these minivans that will be used by Google's Waymo autonomous taxi service. This is reported by the Waymo official website.

The self-driving car is a joint development of Google and Geely, because Zeekr – a new electric brand of a Chinese concern.
M-Vision was developed in Sweden. It is built on the SEA platform shared by the Zeekr 009 luxury electric minivan and Geely's first electric pickup.

The new Zeekr M-Vision – minivan with an elegant design. It has a large windshield angle and a curved window line. For the convenience of boarding and disembarking passengers, very wide sliding doors are installed. The car will be offered in several length options – with a wheelbase from 2700 to 3300 mm.

There are several large displays and sliding tables inside. The front seats pivot to allow passengers to sit face to face.
With no steering wheel or pedals, the M-Vision is equipped with a Level 4 autopilot that requires no driver intervention. Waymo has been testing this technology in the US for about five years now. It is in the States that the operation of the Zeekr will begin in 2024.

The Zeekr M-Vision unmanned vehicle is an electric vehicle and is designed for very active use. The developers claim that the minivan is able to work autonomously for 16 hours a day and drive 500,000 km in 5 years without serious malfunctions.

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