Goodbye runny nose!

Goodbye runny nose!

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The Corona has not canceled allergies or seasonal colds. With the first rains, we and our children again catch colds and suffer from a runny nose. And allergic rhinitis is a serious problem all year round.

Drops are known to dry out mucous membranes and are addictive.

The Israeli company Biolight, the world leader in the production of new generation electronic phototherapy (light therapy) devices.

This is a BioNette device- an effective remedy for allergic rhinitis, based on low-level narrow-band light technology. The device overcomes rhinitis using infrared radiation: relieves a runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, lacrimation, headache, relieves inflammation of the mucous membrane and improves blood circulation. Experiments have shown that the effect of using Bionette comes immediately, and infrared radiation works even better than antihistamines.

Bionette – a small device, slightly larger than a matchbox, equipped with two “ turundas '' for the nostrils. The device is safe and very easy to use. A session during which the patient only needs to place the turunda in the nostrils and press the button, lasts 4 minutes. This procedure can be performed discreetly at any time of the day, without breaking your usual schedule.

Bionette approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health, it is successfully sold in several countries around the world, including the United States and Canada.

It is worth noting that Bionette, created as a drug-free remedy for upper respiratory allergies, is effective a remedy to treat the common cold or flu. Runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion disappear.

Another advantage was discovered already in the process of its use: having coped with the symptoms of rhinitis, the device creates a stable immunity in the patient to the allergen and allows you to get rid of the allergic rhinitis and dependence on drops and drugs, which thousands of people suffer. Bionette not only relieves the symptoms of rhinitis, but also reduces the likelihood of a new allergic “ attack. ''

It is also very important that the procedures with Bionette not addictive. It can also be used by children from 6 years old.

The device “ Bionette '' (Bionette) is officially presented in Israel by M.D.S. Pharm Ltd., which since 1998 has specialized in the supply of medical devices to health insurance funds. Since 2014 at M.D.S Pharm there is a special department for servicing Russian-speaking consumers.

All devices are licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health, the company provides service in Russian and a guarantee.

You can get a free consultation and make an order by phone 077-2190042 or on the home physiotherapy devices website

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