Gondola traffic in Venice stopped – video

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 Gondola traffic stopped in Venice – video

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In Venice, due to low tide and lack of precipitation, the canals have dried up. The movement of water taxis, ambulances and other services is difficult in the city. A similar situation is observed in other parts of Italy. It is noted that the water level in rivers and lakes in the north of the country has dropped significantly.

The Italian environmental association Legambiente predicts that the country may face another large-scale drought. The warning comes as Venice, where flooding is a major problem, is hit by low tides. As a result, gondolas, water taxis and ambulances cannot pass through some channels.

The reason was a combination of factors – lack of rain, high pressure, full moon and sea currents. Italian rivers and lakes suffer from severe water shortages. The Po, Italy's longest river, running from the Alps in the northwest to the Adriatic, has 61% less water than usual at this time of year. To correct the situation, at least 50 days of rainy weather are needed, according to the CNR National Research Council.

Note that the canals in Venice have already dried up in the winter of 2020 and in the spring of 2021.
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