Golos Krainy: the author of the hymn for Moustache and new rule in the show

Голос країни: автор гимна для Усика и новое правило в шоу

In the Ukrainian show “voice of the country” introduced a new rule that will give many participants a second chance

On February 10 the fourth stage of the so-called “blind auditions” the vocal project “Golos Krainy” reports “Know.sa”.

The coaches have watched exactly half wanting to get to the ninth season of the show. So far, none of them — Tina Karol, Potap, Monatic and Dan Balan — have not formed their team and are still in search of incredible voices.

Голос країни: автор гимна для Усика и новое правило в шоу

For the first time in the history of the project “Voice of country” we have updated the rules, giving new singers a chance to be part of the project, — said creative producer Vladimir Zawaduk. — Everyone who could not go farther, or afraid to come to the casting, will try their luck in a vocal online selection #storoies”.

As you know, the online selection will be held in three stages. The first impact of the top 50 votes in the second online-the coaches will select eight winners, and the third will be held in the form of online battles.

The winner will be chosen by viewers, and it will automatically become a member of the “blind auditions” the jubilee, the tenth season of “the Voice of the country”.

It should be noted that in the fourth episode of the project on the stage of “voice of the country-9” among the participants will be 25-year-old pediatrician Alexander Melnik from Chernivtsi, 46-year-old composer Vasyl Zhadan, the song is entering the ring, Alexander Usik, and 35-year-old vocal coach Natalia Mogilev Victoria Uvarova, the ninth season will be held under the slogan “Stars among us,” therefore, the project promises to open up previously unknown vocalists from the people.

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Earlier, the party votes of 9 and emotional speech which gave her a place in the team of Tina Karol and MONATIK’and moved to tears, told of the unseen.

Голос країни: автор гимна для Усика и новое правило в шоу

Ksenia Barcalova amazed the audience with not only a talented performance of the song, but also a personal story. At birth she pinched the optic nerve, due to which there was a specific visual defect. Throughout his life, the girl is struggling to be regarded on an equal basis with others. After all, the biggest dream Ksenia Bocharovoj to perform on the big stage.

Recall the long-standing feud Tina Karol, Loboda has reached a new level.

As reported Politeka, Tina Karol no bra aroused heated debate.

Also Politeka wrote that Tina began to cry on stage and made a surprise confession.

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