“Golos Krainy 9” Dan Balan told the secrets of the show and his personal life

"Голос країни 9": Дан Балан рассказал секреты шоу и личной жизни

20 January on the TV channel 1+1 started the ninth season of the vocal show “voice of the country”. Reporters shortly before the start of the project were able to talk with the stars and coach Dan Balan, he told about how it took the other judges and what to expect from him in the draft

On the question of why he agreed to participate in the 9th season of the show “Golos Krainy” the singer said that he was forced, according to Clutch.

“Made my guardian angels. Said (laughing): “You need to go there to get you one step closer became to the Ukrainian people”. Thus, according to him, among the judges there is no competition.

"Голос країни 9": Дан Балан рассказал секреты шоу и личной жизни

“There is a continuous buzz. With the judges other friends. They make me so warmly received and supported. Very glad I got into this project. It’s the first time for me. If we talk about this kind of experience that I had as a producer, the severity is not appropriate. I try to feel, singer, actor. Tune into his wavelength. Each artist is different”

“And the same “chips” of some kind, a relationship not suited to each artist. So I intuitively tried to stay with the artist on the same wavelength and understand what you need to give him, so he opened up and became better than it usually is. And in such projects as “the voice of the country” I must reveal myself more. There are other nuances, so I’m curious myself how everything will be,” added Balan.

"Голос країни 9": Дан Балан рассказал секреты шоу и личной жизни

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In addition, the new member of the jury told that after the project is going to write “new songs, new videos, new interesting projects, which I now prepare. This year I’m preparing something completely new and different. It will be different from what I did the last six months. I’m trying to concentrate, but I am very emotionally excited”.

At the same time, to a reporter’s question about how the artist relates to his incredible popularity, he replied:

“I never thought about it.. It’s some kind of jackpot. Over 20 years of career was a constant swing up and down. I don’t know what the level is. I have my own style of life and leave me out of it. A lot of things was different. It’s part of the job. Concentrate on the other. Just trying every time something new to develop in his work,” summed up Dan Balan.

"Голос країни 9": Дан Балан рассказал секреты шоу и личной жизни

Note, this is the first such case in the entire history of the project, when the Ukrainian coaches joined star world level.

We will remind, the voice of the country-9: Dan Balan has confessed to feelings for Tina Karol.

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Рoliteka also wrote that Dan hides his marital status: serious relationship was three times in my life.

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