Goldie Hawn: “We let our kids down”

 Goldie Hawn:

Goldie Hawn, the famous American actress, said that “America has failed its children”, who suffer from the trauma of the “covid period”.

The actress wrote an op-ed for USA Today comparing existential fear and trauma to the events of the Challenger crash. and September 11.

Hawn wrote that children are afraid of adults, and an unprecedented fear has settled in them. “Children are afraid of people, space, even the air around them — a level of constant fear not seen in decades.

The actress also cited data released in early 2021 on the number of emergency room visits in the United States. They show that teen suicide attempts have increased by 51% among girls and by 4% among boys.

“This tells us that as a nation we have failed our children. The few federal and state dollars that go to ”mental health” young people invariably end up being referred to addiction treatment and “crisis care” for only the most severe disorders. If the child is admitted to the hospital, then there are very modest funds.

In conclusion, Hawn wrote that America is experiencing a COVID-19 pandemic, but the actress is not sure if “an entire generation whose collective trauma will keep them hobbled for the rest of their lives”.

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