God of War was postponed due to the injury of Christopher Judge »Vortex

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God of War was postponed due to the injury of Christopher Judge »Vortex

In early June, PlayStation Studios President Hermen Hulst announced that Horizon Forbidden West and the new God of War Ragnarök will not be released this year. The reason was the inability to shoot during a coronavirus pandemic in a motion-capture studio, which is crucial for both titles, given their processing. The authors of God of War then on Twitter they wrote that although they try to deliver the highest quality title to players, they must postpone it with regard to the safety and health of the whole team, their families and artists’ partners, which was seen as a standard statement and players reacted relatively amicably. But it is only now that it turns out that the reason may not have been as general as it originally seemed the culprit The postponement of God of War Ragnarök was marked by the actor Christopher Judge himself, who dubs the protagonist.

“I have to tell you something and this [prohlášení] no one has approved yet. I tell my beloved fandom that Ragnarök was postponed because of me, “said Judge, continuing with a number of very interesting details. “I couldn’t walk in August 2019. I had to undergo back surgery, replacement of both hips and knee surgery, “said the 56-year-old actor. He added, however, that the developers waited for him and did so, according to him, without any comments or any threats or conditions. “Studio Santa Monica never said a word about what caused the delay. Assholes work in game studios, but this company, from top to bottom, should give us hope. There were no threats, none – who do you think you are. Only love and support, “said Christopher Judge, and his words of praise did not end here either. He mentioned that the way people from the Santa Monica studio take care of their people, this is the most stylish thing he has ever heard of in this field. “Everyone in the God of War series puts their heart and soul into every shot you see. I want to thank everyone who made it possible for me [tuhle roli] to play, ”adds the actor.

But it also adds a slightly darker story, which, however, has a good ending. Judge admitted that when designer Cory Barlog told him at the Tribeca festival that he would not lead the development of Ragnarök, Judge ended. In his tweet, he claims that he did not mean it for fun, but in the end he certainly does not regret his decision to remain connected with the mentioned game. “[Barlog] he asked me if I believed him. He said Eric [Williams] is an animal. And I replied that it should be… [A teď mohu] add that Eric Williams is a fucking beast, ”he describes working with the new creative director. We exchange about this post they mentioned Shortly after the last PlayStation Showcase broadcast, Cory Barlog handed the scepter to Eric Williams so he could devote himself to his own big project, but that didn’t mean any problem for the game. Rather, everything should be even better, because the second part, which the Nordic saga will end, leads a person with new ideas and another look at the work, which, of course, stood even in the case of the development of the previous part.

God of War Ragnarök will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 next year after his postponement.

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