Glucose undressed and showed his chest: do not be ashamed

Глюкоза разделась и показала грудь: Ничего не стыдно

The singer decided to please the followers both gentle and hot photo on the social network

Bright star zero, the favorite of millions Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, better known as Glucose, often pleases fans with news of their lives in the social network Instagram. Just yesterday on his page, the artist has published a nice photo where posing in black trousers and red laced bra, says

Natalia is a playful and flirtatious mood, she unpacks a Christmas gift. Artist looking at camera and laughing heartily. Her face bright makeup, and her hair curled and dissolved, voluminous curls fall down on shoulders.

Глюкоза разделась и показала грудь: Ничего не стыдно

In the caption, Natalia Ionova wrote: “the nearer the New year, increasingly felt the approach of the holiday and the anticipation of a miracle. Let this winter will be especially happy for all of us!”.

Fans began to actively discuss the new publication on the page of the singer. Some fill it with likes and compliments in the comments, but others criticized for these Nude photos.

“Remember, before the shoulder straps on a bra is seen, immediately corrected her, ashamed. And now to the extent insolent, do not feel ashamed”, “No, you see, to take nothing, we have to undress. The popularity of the thing, must be constantly maintained here and undressed”, “Very beautiful”, “more and more often half-naked,” “In any good clothes,” “the Horror, the shame”, “naked Again”, “At your age, having children, need to be modest”, “What is sexy”, “Chic”, “It’s because the winter, you’re undressed, or the lack of new songs kompensiruet nudity?”, — write followers in the comments to the photo of Glucose.

Глюкоза разделась и показала грудь: Ничего не стыдно

Recently a new photo of the actress in latex dress caused a storm of emotions in its fans and users in General. So on his personal page in Instagram celebrity said that it is ready for the New year and chose my outfit for the party for the celebration.

“New year without underwear?”, “Cool dress in a fancy shape, you Have a perfect figure!”, “Porn this”, “Like a cabbage leaf,” wrote the user.

We will remind, Tina Karol no bra stunned fans.

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