Give your loved ones emotions!

Give your loved ones emotions!

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Very soon we are waiting for the holidays, many days off, as well as the long-awaited concerts of Vladi Bleiberg “ Pray for Parents '', which will be held throughout Israel in September and October. On the eve of these events, we asked the artist how he likes to relax, what gifts to receive, and what are the most memorable gifts in his life.

“ I like to relax actively, although I almost never have time for a full-fledged vacation. Therefore, basically, I do it when I travel somewhere for work, especially abroad. Then I plan the time so that after all the things to stay for another couple of days, and take a walk in the vicinity, and get acquainted with new places. If this is also an interesting place from the point of view of nature, then I always look for an opportunity to walk in the mountains, to go to nature reserves, and to take interesting routes.

Gifts for me & ndash; special topic. I really love to give them, and very different ones. In general, I really love the process of choosing and buying gifts. Precisely gifts, because I do not like to give one gift. There should be a lot of gifts. Therefore, when I travel abroad, and, if possible, with my family, I break every day by the clock, so that in addition to museums, entertainment and other activities, I have time to go to shops and gradually buy up the whole city.

but what I like most is to receive creative gifts. Something made by hand, with soul and imagination. Something unusual. Because I can buy everything else myself if I want to. Although, of course, any attention is pleasant to me. The main thing is that the gift is given from a pure heart.
Memorable gifts take a special place in my life. There are a lot of them, because often after the concerts the audience brings some interesting things. I already have almost a museum & ndash; a whole collection of interesting gifts & ndash; from T-shirts with my name to the game Monopoly made to order from the stations of my life. But the very first gift that stuck in my memory was presented to me at the first big musical project in my life, which was called Your Talents, Ukraine. I was still a child and lived in Ukraine. Then, during the broadcast all over the country, after I sang the song “ My Ukraine '', a woman came out and gave me a very beautiful embroidered shirt. I still have it today, it is kept by my grandmother. ''

As a rule, gifts remain in my memory that evoke emotions or give impressions. Concert ticket & ndash; a gift that will forever remain in your memory, because the emotions and impressions that will remain with the recipient of such a gift are much more important and necessary than something unnecessary that will be covered with dust on the shelf or will be donated. After all, our joy from good music and a great show will never be covered with dust.
Do not be afraid to give tickets. Vlady's concerts will take place without fail, on the dates indicated, and in compliance with all security measures.

Booking tickets on the Internet:
Booking tickets by phone: 03-5260260 and from all distributors in cities.

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