Givatayim will be multi-storey

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 Givatayim will become multi-storey

The Planning Authority recently announced that the Tel Aviv District Planning Commission has decided to deposit the development plan for Givatayim. used to – towers from 30 to 45 stories.

Other similar plans are being made, and the only question is when all this will actually happen.

The Northwest development plan is moving forward municipality of Givatayim and the Urban Renewal Authority and includes several areas of renovation: increased demolition and construction in the center of the district, in other words, renovation of buildings with the possibility of adding up to 8.5 floors, demolition and redevelopment along the main streets of Katsnelson and Aliyat Khanoar 30-45 storey houses.

The average area of ​​an apartment will be 85 square meters, while a third of the apartments will be small – only 40 square meters.

Givatayim Mayor Ran Kunik says: “Politics in the city is very clear. Genuine urban renewal, rather than building only in peripheral areas surrounding the city center. In doing so, we want to protect what already exists.”

The plan that was approved for safekeeping by the District Commission is slightly different from the one that was submitted a few months ago. The mayor's office concluded that the original version was “too cumbersome.” According to various experts, the implementation of the plan will take 10-20 years.

Critics of the development plan note that it will face objections from the residents of those houses that are planned to be demolished, and doubt that there are any chances for the project to be implemented in the next 100 years.

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