Girl Saved by Liver Transplant at Schneider Returns to Ukraine

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 A girl saved by a liver transplant at Schneider returned to Ukraine

At a touching ceremony that did not leave anyone indifferent, in the presence of the hospital management, the staff said goodbye to 13-year-old Ilona, ​​who arrived a few months ago from Ukraine to the children's medical center "Schneider" from the Clalit group to undergo an emergency liver transplant.
Due to the fighting in Ukraine, Ilona, ​​along with her parents, was taken to Israel by a special sanitary flight organized by the Polish government. The management of the Schneider Hospital, the only medical center in Israel that performs liver transplants for children, welcomed the family and immediately prepared everything necessary for the long-awaited transplant. Ilona received a liver share from her father, who was deemed suitable for donation.

 Girl , saved thanks to a liver transplant at Schneider, returned to Ukraine

During her long stay in the hospital, Ilona moved from one department of the hospital to another, where she was treated by multidisciplinary teams, including: doctors, anesthesiologists, operating room staff, intensive care staff, nurses, social workers, volunteers and employees of the Institute of Gastroenterology, Nutrition and liver diseases, who monitored Ilona before and after transplantation.
Ilona's parents asked me to pass on:
“The news of our daughter's serious condition found us in a difficult situation of hostilities in our homeland and uncertainty about the future. Thanks to the helpful Polish government and other kind people, we were able to come to Israel and to the Schneider Hospital, which performed a difficult operation and accompanied us through the long recovery process. There are not enough words to thank these amazing people for the selfless care they gave us and for making us feel almost at home.
According to Dr. Efrat Baron Harlev, Medical Director. Schneider Medical Center: “Schneider Children's Medical Center lives up to its core principle of 'bridge to the world' every day, remaining a unique and special hospital that does its best for children around the world. As part of a humanitarian rescue operation, we at Schneider A very sick girl was admitted, who needed an urgent transplant, which would be impossible in the current situation of hostilities in Ukraine. We are honored to be able to treat and save the lives of children, whoever they are.”
Sincerely, Riva Shaked, Schneider spokesperson.
Photo: provided by "Schneider"

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