Giorgia Surina, a natural post on Instagram with spots on her face –

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Giorgia Surina, a natural post on Instagram with spots on her face –

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The presenter, now 46 years old, has always loved to appear as without filters or tricks. Her followers shower her with likes and Nek writes: The truth makes us free

Truth is the key word of Giorgia Surina who at the beginning of the 2000s was the female face of MTV Italia. Today, at 46, a soap and water beauty and even if she has moved a little away from the world of entertainment and the small screen, much followed and loved on social media. And he chose Instagram to reveal what he had never shown for 20 years: dark spots on his face, similar to vitiligo

Flooded with likes

A sweet face, a smile and its spots, like that, natural without make-up, for a message of body positivity, of self-acceptance without filters. After all, her followers love her for this very reason: for her sobriety, transparency, naturalness. And in fact, fans flooded the post with hearts, likes and messages. How: You are beautiful and brave. Stains will certainly not take away the light from a beautiful woman like you. And Nek also takes the field and writes to her: The beauty of truth. The truth makes us free

October 8, 2021 (change October 8, 2021 | 5:59 pm)

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