Gilboa prison rape investigation deadlocked

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 Gilboa Jail Rape Investigation Dead End

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According to media reports, a Palestinian prisoner at Gilboa prison who is suspected of raping and sexually assaulting female guards will likely not be charged with rape.

Sexual Crimes Investigation committed by Mahmoud Atallah against a guard soldier in Gilboa prison is nearing completion. With no witnesses or corroborating testimony from other guards, and because the alleged rape took place in a room with no cameras, the prosecution's efforts to gather enough evidence are near failure.

It is not yet clear if Atallah will be charged with other sexual offenses committed against other guards in the prison.

Atallah has been in solitary confinement since 2018 due to a scandal in which intelligence officer Rani Basha allegedly ; slipped " female guards for him and other Palestinian prisoners at his request.

In July, the Ynet news site reported that a Palestinian prisoner convicted of terrorism was under police investigation for allegedly sexually harassing him while behind bars.

Later that month, a former Israeli soldier who served as a security guard in Gilboa Prison, said she was repeatedly raped by inmate Mahmoud Atallah.

Interviewed by the Ynet news site last month, the victim, who has yet to be named, described the attacks and said she was waging a “war for her name.” against rumors about her and accusations of lying.

“The story is not only about the terrorist and the jailers. The story is more complex and larger. Who allowed him to touch, attack and rape his guards for more than four years?”

Reports of sexual harassment and attacks on female soldiers and prison staff in Israeli prisons first surfaced in 2018, but then largely subsided until last year, when the investigation was reopened after new allegations emerged from the investigation into the Gilboa jailbreak.

Last week, a transcript of the 2018 Basha investigation released by Channel 12 showed that the phenomenon could have started even earlier.< br />
When asked by the investigator how he could explain the ignorance of the allegations of sexual harassment received, Basha said: “The issue of sexual harassment did not start on the day I took office, most likely it started earlier.” .

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