Gilboa Guard: “Atallah Threatened My Family”

Guard from Gilboa: & ldquo; Atallah threatened my family & rdquo;

Another guard from Gilboa claims that prisoner Mahmoud Atallah threatened her and her family, bluntly saying that the “ murderer of the Vogel family '' would come for them.

She was silent for many years. She lived in anxiety, fearing for her life and the lives of her family. And even after the discovery of the pimping case in Gilboa Prison in 2018, she still did not complain.

Only now, after another explosion in the case, D. dared to appear on Monday at the National Prison Investigation Branch in Lahav 433 and file a complaint against inmate Mahmoud Atallah, who allegedly sexually assaulted her from 2014 to 2016.

D., 20 years old, served as a warden in Wing 5 of Gilboa Prison. In an exclusive interview with Ynet and Yedioth, Ahronoth D. spoke yesterday about the trauma she experienced while serving in prison.

“ I joined Shabas in 2014 and was assigned to the 5th Wing in Gilboa. And there they explained to me what status Atallah has. He was actually the warden of the prison. After several months of my presence there, he began to touch me. ”

According to D., she did not complain about Atallah, as she knew that the administration would release everything anyway. “ The guards at Gilboa Prison have long understood that there is nothing to complain about Atallah. He's there power. And the commanders are not interested in complaints. ” As I left, Atallah said to me: “ Amjad Awad made a contract against you, you and your family are under threat. ''

Awad is the culprit behind the brutal massacre of the Vogel family. According to D., Atallah told her personally that Awad had perpetrators outside who followed her and were just waiting for an excuse to take care of her and her family. He knew her address, the personal data of her and her parents, who worked where – everything.

The then intelligence officer of the Nissim Finish prison answered all her complaints about threats that it was all untrue. Then D. turned to the head of the prison Bassem Kashkash, who believed her and said that this issue was known and considered.

& ldquo; I was afraid and begged him not to return me to work in the security department, and he for months insisted that I work there & rdquo ;.

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