Giant scam: “Bituah Leumi” robbed of tens of millions

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 Giant scam: "Bituah Leumi" robbed of tens of millions< /p>

This morning, February 28, Jerusalem District detectives and investigators raided the offices and homes of dozens of Bituach Leumi suspects. tens of millions of shekels.

According to the suspicions, the fraud continued for several years, and as part of it, Bituach Leumi hundreds of applications for the recognition of the disability of minors with forged documents were submitted.

Suspects arrested include the owners and employees of a firm that claims to provide assistance with disability claims at Bituach Leumi.

At the center of the investigation, according to the police, is the use of the Bituah Leumi program: contributed to the simplification of the procedure, according to which in many cases it is not required that a child with a disability come to the medical board, but on the basis of official medical documents from a qualified doctor and clinic with a detailed description of the child's condition and recognition of the criteria that give eligibility for benefits.

According to the police, “Over the past year, National Insurance Investigation Division investigators have found a large number of requests for the recognition of minors with disabilities that came to the institution with similar and suspicious characteristics. Hundreds of applications were unearthed during an undercover investigation, which were made using forged documents and submitted to various branches of the institution. The investigation also showed that in many cases, applications were made for two children from the same families in order to increase monthly allowance payments. Payouts as a result of fraudulent activities are estimated at tens of millions of shekels and even more.

Fraudsters operated in northern Israel.

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