Giant ammunition theft at Tsnovar base: a soldier was the gunner

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 Giant ammunition theft at Tsnovar base: a soldier was the gunner

Weapon crimes, possession of criminally obtained property, attempted arms deals, cases of arms dealing and possession, conspiracy to commit crimes. These are just some of the crimes that Tamer bin Majed Haib, a 21-year-old resident of the city of Tuba, is accused of.

The suspect had had no trouble learning about the security procedures at the Tsnovar base just a few days before the robbery. The details were clarified by a soldier who had previously served at the base, who informed Haib that there was a gap in the base's fence.

The soldier himself is charged with involvement in weapons crimes, including: seizing weapons from the army, purchasing or possessing weapons, illegal use of weapons, conspiracy to commit a crime, and obstruction of justice.

The indictment states that the soldier served on several bases and managed to steal ammunition from several bases. He planned to sell 50,000 cartridges, which was prevented by his arrest. The case against Khaib will be heard in the district court in Nazareth, and against the soldier in the military court of the Northern Command.

The indictment states that during the trip, Haib asked the soldier if he knew the base. The soldier answered in the affirmative and said that he had served there before. When they left the gas station, Haib asked to get behind the wheel and said that he wanted to drive in the direction of the base. During the trip and as they approached the base, Haib began to look around the road for surveillance cameras.

“After a while, the three stopped near the base, and then Haib told the soldier that he was interested in weapons and ammunition, and began to ask the soldier if there were weapons in the camp. The soldier replied that the soldiers in the camp carry weapons.

The soldier was also asked where the ammunition was stored in the camp, and he described to Haiba where the ammunition depot and bunker are located at the base. After all that was said, the soldier asked Haib if he was going to sneak over the fence to “rob the base”, to which Haib replied that “not now” and they both laughed. The indictment does not show a direct connection between the defendants and the major robbery at the Tsnovar base, and the investigation is still ongoing.

Lawyer Yousef Jubran, representing the soldier, said: “My client has been in custody since November 15th. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. This is a normal young man with no criminal record, a member of the family of the deceased soldier. Lawyer Najama Haib, representing Tamer bin Majed Haib, said: “At this point, the accused denies all charges. He is a young, normal guy with no criminal record. This is his first experience of arrest, and it is very hard for him".

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