Ghost aircraft carrier belonging to the Brazilian Navy will be sunk in the open sea

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 Brazilian Navy ghost aircraft carrier to sink in the open sea< /p>

Aircraft carrier Sao Paulo with a displacement of 32 tons, capable of carrying 40 aircraft on board, was towed to Europe. After Turkey refused to let it through the Strait of Gibraltar and accept it in its sweat for scrapping, citing an environmental threat, the ship was returned across the Atlantic Ocean.
A Navy statement says the ship has a leak and is at risk of sinking, so he was not allowed to enter Brazilian ports.

Despite a request from Environment Minister Marina Silva not to sink the aircraft carrier, the Navy said it had no choice but to send the ship to the bottom at a depth of about 5,000 meters, 350 kilometers offshore in Brazil's exclusive economic zone.
< br /> The Navy said in a statement that the site is far from protected areas and has no submarine communication cables.

in a planned manner", — the message says.

The navy planned to sink the aircraft carrier at sea on Wednesday, but prosecutors moved to ban the sinking in Brazilian waters, citing the environmental threat it poses given the tons of asbestos used to line the inside of the ship.

A federal judge on Wednesday afternoon denied their request for an injunction, arguing that the Navy weighed the environmental impact with other factors. —Brazilian Navy aircraft carrier, former Foch aircraft carrier type "Clemenceau" French Navy. It was laid down on February 15, 1957, launched on July 23, 1960, joined the French Navy on July 15, 1963.

On November 15, 2000, it was transferred to the Brazilian Navy and after repairs, in February 2001, arrived in Brazil. Due to the high cost of repairs and modernization, on February 15, 2017, the Navy command decided to begin the process of its decommissioning. On November 22, 2018, it was officially withdrawn from the Navy and in March 2021 was sold for 1.9 million USD for scrap metal to a Turkish company.

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