Gf Vip 6, Greta Mastroianni again against Soleil Sorge: her words

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Gf Vip 6, Greta Mastroianni again against Soleil Sorge: her words

Greta Mastroianni – girlfriend of Gianmaria Antinolfi – has returned to lash out at Soleil Sorge, but let’s go in order. Last night the sixth episode of GF VIP and among the various topics that involved i vipponi, there was also the one related to the second elimination, which fell on Andrea Casalino.

Among the nominees there was also Antinolfi and awaiting the result of the televoting the conductor Alfonso Signorini he had asked Soleil Rises what his reaction had been if the entrepreneur left.

In response, the former suitor hinted that the thing would not have particularly touched her, even if in reality it was not Gianmaria to leave the House, which he then received immunity from Adriana Volpe.

After the episode aired, she expressed her opinion on social media Greta Mastroianni, gieffino’s girlfriend, who last week had a confrontation with Antinolfi in the House:

I’m looking at the pictures of Soleil e Gianmaria al Big Brother, but above all I read surreal articles by his agents, passed off as journalistic comments to repair a damage they committed, trying to raise the image of Gianmaria. After all, poor Soleil paved like a cat on the ring road had to leave the scene and set aside to eat chocolate sticks.

It’s still:

Free of any content, substance, irony and even the famous wickedness that distinguishes it. Badness that was not lacking even tonight. Gianmaria he is a gentleman, has an education and great values ​​that his family has passed on to him. They can hurt him, but he will always be ready to forgive. Other than love …

Then he concluded:

Soleil! Gianmaria does not go out, Gianmaria as I saw tonight, he looked deep into my eyes, listened to my voice and understood… at least he tries. I have tried to bring it back to reality and will continue to do so. See u soon.

Greta she then defended her man and lashed out again Soleil who according to him, in the episode, showed malice towards the gieffino.


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