Gf Vip 6, a competitor against Rosalinda Cannavò: “False from day one, she acted!”

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Gf Vip 6, a competitor against Rosalinda Cannavò: “False from day one, she acted!”

Jessica Selassié is one of the undisputed protagonists of this edition of Big Brother Vip. In competition with his sisters Clarissa e Lucrezia Selassié, the major princess has exposed herself a lot in these first few weeks of reality TV.

During a chat in the living room with Clarissa, Raffaella Fico, Subject Stephens and the Cipriani, Jessica made a piqued consideration against a competitor of the last edition of Gf.

Let’s talk about the Sicilian actress Rosalinda Cannavò, which, within the Home, he had rather argued for various matters concerning his work and his private life. Entry like Adua del Vesco in fact, he had slowly tried to detach himself from the character to rediscover his true identity.

In addition to being complicit in the coming out of Gabriel Garko, admitting the fake relationship, the Cannavò she had been criticized for her morbid relationship with Dayane Mello. And then again, for the love story born in the spotlight with Andrea Zenga, when she was still engaged to her now ex, Giuliano Condorelli.

A character who has created quite a few dynamics inside the Cinecittà loft, and who is the greatest of the princesses Selassié, just did not go to genius. These are the firm words of Jessica, about

To me it is one who did not like it at all Beautiful rose. Fake from the first day she got in here. Starred.

Al ché, the Cipriani he replied: “I liked her instead!” finding the dry answer of Jessica: “For nothing!”

In the meantime, as expected, the people of the web have been clamoring for a comparison between the two. Beautiful rose in fact it is currently conducting the format of Chi House, and who knows who will not respond – at least indirectly – to the provocation of the competitor of the Big Brother Vip.


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