“Getting rid of hepatitis C is prestigious!”

& quot; Getting rid of hepatitis C & ndash; it's prestigious! & quot;

Often, young people are embarrassed to go to a doctor for a blood test for hepatitis C. Like, not the most respected disease. And diseases, oddly enough, have their own image. However, Israeli practice shows: patients who have undergone modern treatment & ndash; efficient and fast & ndash; feel a burst of strength and energy and are doing well in their career and personal life.

This observation was made by the head of the liver disease clinic at Wolfson Hospital, hepatologist Vera Dreizin.

& quot; Getting rid of hepatitis C & ndash; it's prestigious! & quot;

Head of the Liver Diseases Polyclinic at Wolfson Hospital, hepatologist Vera Dreizin.

– Dr. Draisin, let's start with the image of the disease. Are there people who are afraid of a blood test, even though they are putting their lives in danger?

– I'll give you a specific example. A crying 23-year-old girl came to me the other day. During a visit to the family doctor, she complained of rapid fatigue, and the doctor suggested that she take a blood test for a check. A routine check, but she revealed the hepatitis C virus in the girl. Naturally, they advised to start treatment immediately, but & hellip; at first, the girl categorically refused, because she was afraid of publicity. And she explained this by the fact that hepatitis allegedly has a bad reputation. They say that this is not a disease that causes sympathy among others. It is connected with blood, syringes, needles … They immediately think that they did something illegal, dabbled in drugs … “ I'm afraid to tell my friends, '' she said, “ they suddenly want to fence themselves off … ''
< br />Of course, I reassured the girl, explained that after some ten to twelve weeks of treatment (depending on the drug), when no one has time to find out, she will already be completely healthy and will forget about the virus forever.

And so it happened. The girl received effective medications and was completely cured in two months. Soon she felt a surge of strength, looked prettier, and this did not go unnoticed – an interesting guy drew attention to her.

If you want to be sure that hepatitis C is not lurking and in your body, download the form and contact your doctor.

– It all looks like a beautiful fairy tale. Where is the medical evidence?

– I have been dealing with the problems of hepatitis C treatment for over ten years, and based on a number of studies, I can say: “ Hepatitis C & ndash; it is a systemic disease that affects all organs, and if the virus is in the blood, the body weakens slowly but surely. Diseases can occur in various organs, but even if there are no severe manifestations, there are many signs that the body is not healthy. The most characteristic of them is & ndash; feeling of fatigue: a person is constantly or a significant part of the time tired, cannot work at full strength. Therefore, if it is associated with hepatitis C and he receives timely treatment, then he quickly gets rid of poor health.

– There is an opinion that it was possible to become infected with this type of hepatitis only in the former USSR or in the post-Soviet space. And everything is fine in Israel – disposable syringes, no problems during operations and blood transfusions …

– This is an important point, and it requires clarification. In fact, the virus was first recognized in 1989, respectively, until 1992, medicine did not yet have the ability to accurately determine the presence of the hepatitis C virus in the blood. It remained elusive, and it was not in vain that scientists were later awarded the Nobel Prize for its discovery. But in Israel, if a person underwent one or another medical intervention with a blood transfusion before 1992, there is a possibility of contracting hepatitis. Such a transfusion was required, for example, sometimes during childbirth, with severe injuries, during operations on internal organs … People who have never lived in the Soviet Union, but they also have a virus, come to our clinic for treatment.

By the way, one has to fight with stereotyped thinking in relation to those who are at risk of infection. I was recently contacted by a 40-year-old Sabra patient. No Russian roots. He suffered for a long time from a liver disease, the so-called 'fatty liver'. Usually it is characteristic of people with obesity, but here & ndash; athlete, fit, slim. The treatment prescribed for him did not help, and in despair he turned to me. I sent him for a complete blood test, and he detected the hepatitis C virus. Two months later, the man was healthy and happy.

As for the Russian-speaking Israelis, their inclusion in the risk group for hepatitis is especially justified. Since disposable syringes and other medical instruments appeared late in the former Soviet Union, practice shows that the percentage of infection among repatriates is high.

– What is Israel's position in terms of hepatitis among the developed countries of the world? >

– We are not on the list of “ dozens '' the best countries. Who really managed to achieve great success in detecting and treating hepatitis is Spain, Australia … In these countries they understood an important principle: both for the state and for a person it is more profitable and easier to treat hepatitis itself than its dire consequences – liver cirrhosis, cancer etc. In Israel, before the Corona epidemic the right tendency also began to develop – many citizens of the country began to take a blood test to check for hepatitis C. But the epidemic threw us back for many years – People do not dare to visit a doctor again.

Therefore, taking this opportunity, once again I want to remind you: do not waste time! Hepatitis C testing is done on a doctor's request at the same time as a general blood test.

To see a doctor, download the form here.

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