Getting ready for the holidays: Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus – home assistant

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 Getting ready for the holidays: Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus – house assistant

On the eve of the holidays, the issue of general house cleaning is especially acute.
In the most advanced vacuum cleaner model to date Thomas – Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus, two water filtration systems AquaBOX and cyclone DryBOX are used, and a wide variety of attachments, including those for cleaning carpets, animal bedding and upholstered furniture, which allows you to carry out any kind of general or light cleaning. Now you can purchase this model at a special price – NIS 2990

 Getting ready for the holidays: Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus – house helper

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Thomas Brand Trusted
“Made in Germany” – this is not just a slogan of the company, but also a guarantee of excellent quality. The technology of the German company Thomas has proven itself well in the CIS countries and Europe, where vacuum cleaners of this brand, like many other German household appliances, are considered the highest quality and most reliable. Thomas vacuum cleaner models have firmly established themselves in the top lines of numerous ratings for the review of household appliances, and in particular, washing vacuum cleaners published on Russian-language sites.
Thomas is one of the oldest home appliance companies in the world. It was founded in 1900 by Robert Thomas, and today the fourth generation of the family runs the family business. The company has an impeccable reputation, since 1900 all equipment has been manufactured at a factory in Germany. German quality extends to the materials used in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners Thomas – they are environmentally friendly and meet the most stringent safety and quality standards.
Thomas has its own engineering research laboratory, which has created many patented developments and unique technologies that improve the ecology of housing and facilitate the cleaning process. For example, one of the inventions of the Thomas company, wet filtration vacuum cleaners, is approved by the British Allergy Foundation.
Specifications and functionality of Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus

 Getting ready for the holidays: Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus – house helper

For thorough preventive cleaning, it is better to use the AquaBOX filtration system. Until the situation stabilizes, cleaning with a water filter will be a priority. AquaBOX is characterized by the highest degree of filtration. It makes the air in the house crystal clear. With this patented aqua filter you will remove 99.9% of dust and 100% of pollen.
The aquafilter uses a multi-stage filtration system. The principle of operation of this technology, which allows to achieve much greater results, is that the air flow first passes through a water wall formed by four oncoming nozzles, and then through a series of purification steps. In the water wall itself, every speck of dust and hair is wetted, they become heavy and stick together with other particles of debris. Then the air with this suspension enters the “fog” drops of water, where dust particles rotate in air microcyclones. Dust particles settle on the sea walls of AquaBOX, and then with drops of water flow down into the water.

AquaBOX provides the highest level of filtration and purity of treated air. DryBOX – this is the ideal solution for situations where there is no time for picky cleaning with an aqua filter. Thanks to fractional separation technology, large debris and fine dust fall into different compartments of the dust collector.
Visible dirt is filtered into the central chamber, while imperceptible, but harmful to breath, dust is retained in the side compartments by small cyclones. The output is only clean air.
The main part of the dust collector is emptied in one movement, and the dust is washed off from time to time with a stream of water without contact with the human respiratory system. It is not necessary to rinse the DryBOX after each use.

 Getting ready for the holidays : Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus – house helper

Thanks to its constant high suction power, it picks up dirt from surfaces of various textures from the first pass. In addition, the novelty is highly maneuverable and easy to store. It is more than real to combine so many useful functions in one device – proven by Thomas.
Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus– This is a practical vacuum cleaner with a lot of power and a large number of attachments for a variety of tasks, including special attachments for easy cleaning of carpets, pet bedding and upholstered furniture.
You can purchase Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus vacuum cleaners from an official representative in Israel – on the website by phone *3134.

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