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As already mentioned, members of the health insurance funds in Israel with collective insurance Bituach siudi in case of long-term care, are entitled to receive monthly payments from the insurance company in the amount of thousands of shekels per month in cases when they are unable to perform 3 daily activities on their own, such as dressing, bathing, using the toilet, or they have experienced a decrease in cognitive functions, for example dementia or Alzheimer's disease and they need help.

Getting these payments from an insurance company has never been easy, but it has become especially difficult these days. In addition, in recent years, most health insurance schemes have transferred Bituach Sioudi long-term care insurance. to other insurance companies, which creates additional difficulties for the insured.

This is where the strength of our company, which specializes in assistance in obtaining insurance payments, manifests itself. And also our reputation and opportunities in relations with insurance companies allow us to provide targeted and prompt assistance to the insured.

Our company recently made headlines when we won a class action lawsuit against four major long-term care insurance companies in Israel: Klal, Arel, Dikla and Migdal. The Central District Court approved the filing of a class action lawsuit, which concerns charges of misinterpreting the term 'incontinence' in the policies of Bituach Sioudi. Information about this important lawsuit, as well as the firm's accomplishments and the court's decision, will soon be available on our website.

The two examples below will illustrate well how our legal knowledge and reputation have impacted for the possibility of receiving the maximum cash benefits for long-term care insurance

Svetlana , 78, a member of the Maccabi Health Fund, has Parkinson's and kidney failure and needs help with daily activities for many years. Svetlana faced a problem caused by a change in her long-term care insurance company, which was registered through the health insurance fund. She receives help from Bituach Leumi, while at the same time applying for the long-term care benefit she is entitled to with Phoenix Insurance. But she was denied on the grounds that her insured event occurred at a time when members of the Maccabi health insurance fund were insured by the collective insurance “ Bituach siudi '' at the Klal company. Svetlana contacted our office, and a few months after filing a professional lawsuit, we were able to convince two insurance companies to pay Svetlana a lump sum of 56,000 shekels, and she will also receive a monthly allowance of 4,650 shekels until the end of the Bituah siudi policy. ; (only 5 years old).

Even the 88-year-old Roman , who has a metapelet from Bituach Leumi and suffers from chronic lung disease and serious condition after recurrent strokes, recently faced difficulties in obtaining money from the Bituah Sioudi insurance, which was issued through the Meuhedet health insurance fund, which transferred to 2020 year of long-term care insurance from Phoenix to the Menorah.
Roman contacted our office after the Menorah rejected his claim and referred it to the previous insurer. Our firm filed a joint claim on behalf of Roman against two insurance companies, after which, having the correct legal knowledge and providing the correct certificates that oblige insurance companies to make payments, we were able to obtain a one-time payment of 80,000 shekels and monthly payments of several thousand shekels for 3 years.

It should be noted that our office has been working with Russian-speaking Israelis for many years and representing their interests throughout the country, and we know how to help the insured as safely, quickly, efficiently and correctly as possible.

Our office is headed by an experienced attorney Meira Zohar. For many years the office has been specializing exclusively in Bituach Seadi insurance. in case of long-term care. Meir Zohar's lawyer works directly with each client, there is no need for a team of “ accountants '', “ experts '' etc. This greatly simplifies the litigation for the insured sick people.

We were able to obtain a positive decision on a very important class action lawsuit against 4 insurance companies, which belongs to the private policies of Bituah Sioudi. You can read about the subject of the class action and other legal successes of the firm on our website.

We seek maximum cash payments for our clients without unreasonable costs and without any obligations. < br />
Our head office is located in the Bnei Brak business center. But it is IMPORTANT to NOTE that the office staff work throughout Israel, from north to south, INCLUDING EILAT, and can help you solve your problems.

Call: 03-5622772, 050-9929120 , 050-7756772 (we speak Russian).

The fee for our work is paid only after the successful solution of the problem.

Our website in Russian is www.
Our website is in Hebrew –

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