“Get down, Bandera”: how will be punished by police after the massacre in Kiev

"Ложись, Бандера": как накажут полицейского после побоища в Киеве

The police announced the suspect after the assault Podolsk branch

Law enforcement officers expect to be punished for the actions during the arrest of citizens. About it on the page in Facebook wrote the first Deputy Director of the State Bureau of investigation Olga Varchenko.

After a controversial storming of the Podolsk police Department, the RRT held a preliminary investigation. The secret service found povided for suspicion of the employee. As writes Olga Varchenko: “the police, humiliating one of the activists who intentionally committed acts that clearly went beyond his rights and powers, and was also accompanied by violence.”

"Ложись, Бандера": как накажут полицейского после побоища в Киеве

The investigation seeks the arrest and removal of a suspect from his position in the ranks of the interior Ministry. In the near future, a police officer faces jail. According to part 2 of article 365 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, it can deprive of freedom for a period from three to eight years. In addition, law enforcement will lose the right to hold certain positions for up to three years.

On 9 February, armed men stormed a police station in Kiev, using gas cartridges.
In clashes with police officers was attended by about 40 people. As a result, three staff were taken to hospital with chemical burns to the eyes, and the attackers were detained.

During detention, the police removed numerous knives and pistols. Just then one of the officers shouted “get Down, Bandera” one of the activists. It made a wide resonance in the social networks. The chief of police of Kiev Andrey Krishchenko even publicly apologized for the words subordinate. Likely, this person is now reported about suspicion.

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"Ложись, Бандера": как накажут полицейского после побоища в Киеве

Later in social networks there was video surveillance in Podolsk governance. It managed to take off as the angry crowd of activists crammed into the room.

The equipment is located directly above the entrance to the room, which so actively stormed the radicals. The video captured the beginning of the scandalous events in the Ukrainian capital. A middle-aged man opened the door and tried to enter. However, the people inside probably the law enforcers did not let him.

We will remind, aunts broke into the University of Kiev, clashes broke out.

As reported Politeka according to the analyst, clashes with police in Kiev, was a provocation.

Also Politeka wrote that the gang with axes attacked people in Kiev.

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