Germany shocked the impressive statistics regarding refugees

96 percent of them not working .

Німеччина шокувала вражаючою статистикою щодо біженців

According to new statistics, the integration of refugees in the German labor market remains very challenging, reports the Voice of Europe, reports Rus.Media.

The German liberal party (FDP) reported on the situation in one of the largest cities in the country – Hamburg.

Party FDP considers that the work on implementation of the integration programme of the government of Hamburg is “sluggish”, which led to disappointing results.

Meanwhile, the project pracevlashtuvannya refugees cost the taxpayers of Hamburg in million Euro. This is major German city and the country as a whole feels the need for skilled workers.

For example, in the Hamburg companies to report the jobs of their employees. According to the research Institute forecast, the German economy could have a deficit of up to two million workers by 2030. And at the same time, 96 percent of the migrants do not work anywhere.

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