German sports referee compared fan brawl with war in Ukraine

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 German sports referee compared the fan brawl with the war in Ukraine

Stefan Oberholz, head of the sports court of the German Football Association, apologized for the scandalous comparison of the actions of the fans with the war in Ukraine. This is stated on the official website of the NSF. We are talking about the hearing of the case against Hansa fans, because of whose actions people were injured at the Rostock-St. Pauli match in April. The ultras then used pyrotechnics, substituting the club for a fine of 50 thousand euros. “The actions of these fans are reminiscent of the footage we see in Ukraine,” Judge Oberholz said. The director general of the Hansa demanded an apology from him for such a comparison “with an aggressive war and thousands of deaths.” After a while, Oberholz nevertheless apologized to the general director of the Hansa, and to everyone. “When the pyrotechnics fired into the crowd, it really looked like footage from the news about Ukraine to me. However, I admit that I chose the words poorly, such comparisons were inappropriate. I beg your pardon",– he said.

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