German scientists studying a mysterious flash on the moon

Немецкие ученые изучат загадочные вспышки на Луне

Ufologists believe in the divine origin of outbreaks.

These strange flashes on the moon watch from the 1950’s, but for scientists, they still remain a mystery. There are hypotheses, but several of them, ranging from meteorite impacts to seismic activity, but which of them is correct, and there are more real reasons nobody yet knows, according to the with reference to Esoreiter.

A team of German scientists under the supervision of Professor Hakan Kayala University Julius Maximilian (Bayern, Wuerzburg,) decided to use a more careful study of this mysterious lunar phenomena private Observatory, located in Spain. It has two telescopes, plus the equipment connected to artificial intelligence, which will automatically capture flash selenium, to collect photos and videos about each case and handle them.

The result is then compared to the observations of the employees of ESA, after which it will draw a definite conclusion. And the more researchers will collect such materials, says Kajal, the easier it will be to have a real picture of what is happening on the moon.

Moreover, said the Professor, in the future we are making plans already developed by us surveillance system using AI to implement on the satellite, which without atmospheric interference and can observe the Moon. Sooner or later, but we will resolve this mystery.

Onboard the ISS photographed a strange object from space

While ufologists believe that flashes on the moon are associated with aliens, but because scientists expect from the objective findings, they say, is not necessary. Even if they find the true cause of these phenomena, the General public will still receive distorted information, for example, about what on Earth just falling meteorites. And it is impossible to prove that it is not so…

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