German doctors urged to refuse to NAP

Німецькі лікарі закликали відмовитися від денного сну

Doctors recommend to refuse NAP

The dinner was hearty, you woke up very early and my eyes begin zaplyusovali. To sleep for an hour? German doctors say no. NAPs has a number of negative consequences. A physician and researcher of sleep Hans-günther Wess recommends not to do this!

“NAPs shorter than 30 minutes does not make sense to adults, says the German doctor. – 70% of people Wake up tired day.”

30 minutes

It works like this: if a person sleeps more than half an hour, then again, feels lethargy, weakness, and fatigue upon awakening.

Need a lot of time for inclusion in the work of Vess. Day evening sleep relieves sleepiness that difficult to sleep in the evening. People with sleep disorders sleepiness is particularly important for a good, full night’s rest.

Німецькі лікарі закликали відмовитися від денного сну

During the day you can not sleep more than 30 minutes

Be a cheerful day

Difficulty falling asleep no? NAPs is appropriate in rare cases.

There are people who can do this without negative impact on performance and sleep in the evening, explains bass. – They still have no difficulties falling asleep.

He advises others not to sleep at noon. If you want to sleep well, no longer than 30 minutes and no later than 15:00. The rule is different for children, explains the expert. They learn when they go to school that can satisfy the need of sleep at night for once.

“NAPs are useful, until they finally enter into the rhythm of school”.

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