Georgia police have yet to arrest abuser who beat and trampled Little Caesars customer in incident captured on video

Georgia police have yet to arrest abuser who beat and trampled Little Caesars customer in incident captured on video

The incident was reported at a Little Caesars in Augusta, Georgia.

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Despite the fact that the authorities in Georgia circulated an image of the suspect who appears in a video attacking another customer at a Little Caesars pizzeria in order to find her whereabouts, the woman is still at large.

Brittany Kennedy, 25, faces assault charges for the beating she gave to Emily Broadwater, 22, on Monday afternoon at the Augusta facility.

The causes of the brawl at Little Caesars are unclear

At about 4 pm, a brawl began between the women, for reasons that have not been officially established, and Kennedy grabbed by the hair and hit the other on the head and face on multiple occasions.

Little girl tries to stop the attack on her mother without success

A girl of no more than 3 years who apparently is the daughter of the victim was the only one who mobilized to try to help her mother, while the rest of those present were dedicated to watching and recording.

The fast food restaurant staff also didn’t call the police, at least not immediately.

A video shows the little girl approaching the women in the middle of a confrontation, while another is heard shouting: “move the baby!”

Aggressor drags victim by hair outside Little Caesars

In the images, it is seen when Kennedy drags Broadwater by the hair to the outside of the place and steps on his head at least three times before leaving the space.

The victim, with a bloody face, stands up with effort and asks where the minor is.

According to the reports available at the time, Broadwater did not want to receive medical attention; the reasons are not clear.

There is also no information on whether he is collaborating with the authorities.

Kennedy has been a fugitive since Monday, the day of the events

The arrest warrant for Kennedy disclosed on the Facebook page of the Office of the Sheriff of the Richmond County it includes an image of the suspect.

The call, which asks for citizen help to find its location, indicates that Kennedy is 5’4 ″ and weighs about 150 pounds; he has brown hair and eyes.

Brittany Kennedy is wanted for an assault that occurred on May 17 at 3221 Wrightsboro Road. Kennedy is known to frequent the Fox Den area as well as the 3200 block of Wrightsboro Road, ”reads the document released by the sheriff’s office.

If you have information or clues to help arrest the suspect, you can call 706-821-1020 or 706-821-1080.

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