George Martin spoke about the book the finale of Game of thrones

Джордж Мартін розповів про книжковий фінал Гри престолів

What will be the final in the book about Game of thrones

The Creator of “Game of thrones” George Martin shared with fans the end of the book version of the series, and whether such a difference. I hope a new book he is engaged as actively as their own blog.

Writer George Martin admitted that he did not expect that the series will end faster than light will be a new part of the book.

Therefore, viewers of “Game of thrones”, most of whom are pretty upset with the final season, have a chance to get the alternate ending. The author noted that the ending of “a Song of ice and fire” significantly differ from screen version.


How did this happen? According to Martin, the audience saw only one of the possible completions. But more likely to surprise fans of the fate of the stark family. Note that now the writer is working on parts of “the Winds of winter” and “Dream of spring”, so expect a quick release of the final book is not worth it.


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