George Clooney has published a trailer for my series catch-22: all the details of the debut

Джордж Клуни опубликовал трейлер своего сериала Уловка-22: все подробности дебюта

The official premiere of the series the laconic George Clooney catch-22 will take place in spring 2019

On one of the Youtube channels were made public the first trailer of the new mini-series catch-22, directed by the popular American actor George Clooney.

It is worth noting that concise series catch-22 is an adaptation of the satirical novel by Joseph Heller, which was released in 1961.

Джордж Клуни опубликовал трейлер своего сериала Уловка-22: все подробности дебюта

Hollywood star George Clooney is not only the Director of the movie catch-22, but also a producer and performer of one of the key roles. It is reported that concise mini-series to be released is actually half-century after the release of the first movie based on the book, which premiered in 1970.

The plot of the movie based on the novel catch-22, the protagonist Yossarian is a captain in the U.S. air force during the Italian campaign. The officer takes several attempts to leave the war right after losing during the battle, his comrade in service.

The surest way to realize his plan — to get help with a diagnosis of “crazy”. However, in reality, it is impossible to carry out: in the army, a so-called catch-22. That is, those officers who are recognized as crazy, must prove its adequacy and suitability for service.

It is also worth noting that in the series, in addition to George Clooney, the audience will see Hugh Laurie, Christopher Abbott, Kyle Chandler and Martin Delany.

It is known that the world premiere of a laconic of the series catch-22 is scheduled for may 17, 2019.

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Джордж Клуни опубликовал трейлер своего сериала Уловка-22: все подробности дебюта

Previously, we reported that George Clooney suddenly talking about Meghan Markle. George Clooney decided to stand up for Meghan Markle, which is quite difficult to account for in the Royal entourage in the UK.

George Clooney in an interview with reporters, said that now the pregnant Duchess was faced with the same persecution as Princess Diana.

“She’s in her seventh month of pregnancy, but it does not leave you in peace and try to show them in a bad light just like it was with Diana. History repeats itself. And we saw how it ended. The press enthusiastically discussing a letter to Megan, which meant her father, and that is unacceptable. I’m surprised such irresponsible media,” said the actor in an interview with the Australian publication WHO.

Recall that George Clooney brought Brad pitt and Jennifer aniston at the party.

As he wrote Politeka, the Hollywood hunk Clooney crashed in an accident.

Also Politeka wrote that became known, who will be the future godfather of Prince Harry and Megan.

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