Gentle way: fashionable ways to wear a braid crown (PHOTO)

Braid crown is a very feminine hairstyle which is perfect for a romantic date, going to the movies with my friends or office style. What are the options for such braids exist — look at!

Braid crown for long hair

Weave in the loose hair looks very romantic. With that hair you look like at least Daenerys Targaryen. Additional way top with bare shoulders or thin tensionin dress.

Weave fishtail

Fishtail braided crown looks stylish and advantageous for any image. Of course, to braid this yourself would be difficult, but hair stylist will repeat this without difficulty. Well, a couple of strands trousers, artfully framing the face, preadult hair special charm.

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Remember signature style Tymoshenko? The choice of stylists on a spit fell not just. Braid-crown emphasizes elegance and fits perfectly in the style of a business lady.

Double braid

Double braid, also that looks unusual, can also provide more volume to your hair. To diversify it with decorations with stones, brooches for hair or flowers.

Braid crown with decoration

The first figure shows the braid that is woven shawl. This Italian style — a fabulous option for everyday style. The only condition: the color of the scarf should be bright and is sure to blend with your natural shade of hair. Thus, for dark hair choose red, green, Burgundy, fuchsia or white scarf, and bright — orange, blue, black or brown. As for fashion brooches is a better idea to use for special appearances, as looks, the decoration with stones in her hair with braids very elegant.

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Accustomed to believe such a wedding, but in our opinion, a summer or spring day under a light chiffon dress or top will look very gentle and feminine. The flowers can be fresh or artificial, but always look fresh and high quality.

Classic neat braid

Casual version of the spit-crown, which you can replicate yourself at home, after a little practice of video tutorials on YouTube. Plug imagination!

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