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 Genius and apples

ANU – museum of the Jewish people in partnership with the bookstore "Babel" and the NADAV Foundation presents the fourth evening of the film club “With Your Own Eyes”.
On July 28, you can see Alexei Fedorchenko's film “The Last” Dear Bulgaria “with your own eyes on the big screen.

Feature film by Alexei Fedorchenko is difficult to attribute to a specific genre. But let it be “psychoanalytic detective” as the most accurate definition. This picture is based on the autobiographical novel by Mikhail Zoshchenko “Before Sunrise”. So what does apples and Zoshchenko have to do with it?
So, Sweet Bulgaria is a variety of apples that a young breeder Leonid Etz bred in Alma-Ata in 1943. At a time when in this “apple city” in the evacuation are the main cinematographic forces of the USSR, including the brilliant Sergei Eisenstein. A scientist is trying to unravel the mystery of the death of a writer who once lived here.
The film contains not only plot twists, but also techniques unusual for the big screen.
Alexey Fedorchenko: “I tried to see how a person thinks. He can think about different things at the same time. How to penetrate the secrets of the brain of another? The split screen is often used in films, but it seems not in this form. With its help, one can show the multivariance of psychoanalytic reflections about a person. We filmed with several cameras at once. Each screen — this is an independent image, separate takes. Sometimes the action on the main screen is different from the additional screens. I wanted to show that a person does not photographically reproduce/restore information in memory. Each time a different view of the event. History — after all, the subjective perception of the past, therefore, may be different.

The audience knows the director Alexei Fedorchenko well from such films, including those that won awards at the Venice and Rome film festivals, Kinotavr and others, such as: on the Moon”, “Anna's War” and "Angels of the Revolution".
They say Fedorchenko's film "Oatmeal" Quentin Tarantino himself applauded for a long time.

After the screening, an open discussion of the film will be held by Roma Liberov, host of the film club “With Your Own Eyes”.
19.00 – gathering of guests
19.30 – start of viewing
21.00 – open discussion.

ANU Jewish Museum, st. 15 Klausner St., Tel Aviv.


 Genius and apples

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