Genes responsible for obesity identified

Genes responsible for obesity have been identified

Scientists from the University of Virginia have identified about 14 genes that can cause obesity.

The results of the study are published in the scientific journal PLOS Genetics.

A team of scientists led by researcher Eileen O'Rourke used the tiny worms aenorhabditis elegans to identify genes and their effect on obesity. If you feed these free-living nematodes in rotting soil with excessive amounts of sugar, they become fat.

The worms were used to test 293 genes associated with obesity in humans. As a result, scientists have identified from 17 pieces: 14 & ndash; obesity-causing, 3 & ndash; prevention.

“We expect our approach and the genes we have identified to accelerate the development of treatments that reduce the burden of obesity,” & ndash; reported by O & # 39; Rourke.

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