Generous Tuesday: 7 good things that you can do right now

Щедрий вівторок: 7 добрих справ, які ви можете зробити просто зараз

Generous Tuesday

On Tuesday, 3 December, the Ukrainians for the second time join the Day of good deeds. Read on and find out how you can spend Generous Tuesday for the benefit of others.

In 2012 the world became popular initiative #GivingTuesday. The day of good deeds, as they called this flash mob celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Ukraine joined this charity event in 2018.

#GivingTuesday is a non – profit event, in which can participate any citizen, organization or business. People come together to show the power that we have for the system and good mass.

To participate in giving Tuesday can each representatives of business and charitable organizations, schools and universities, shops and cafes. No requirements or restrictions concerning the good things to do.

Main rule – tell me about the good that you shared!

Щедрий вівторок: 7 добрих справ, які ви можете зробити просто зараз

The organizers offer several categories in which you can do good:

  • Vnutren face
  • soldiers ATO
  • people with disabilities
  • youth/adolescents/children
  • elderly people
  • ill/seriously ill/palliative care
  • the development of civil society
  • ecology/protection of animals
  • infrastructure/urbanism
  • culture/art
  • health & fitness
  • education

Be limited to these categories is not necessary, because this is just a rough guide on the map for good deeds!

Щедрий вівторок: 7 добрих справ, які ви можете зробити просто зараз

How to do a good deed in giving Tuesday

Share time

Do not have to spend money to do a good deed. Become a volunteer: take the time to organize a good initiative, help physically, and the like. For example, write a letter to the military on the front lines. This pleasantness, which shows service members that we appreciate what they do on the front. Or become a volunteer in an orphanage. Contact any of the organizations that deal with shelters (all Ukrainian charity Fund “Krona” Charitable Foundation “Ty Anhel” BF “Panagam”, “Caritas” and the like), and offer them your help.

You can become a blood donor – this will save someone’s life. More HERE.

Take clothes for recycling – HERE is a map of places where you can bring your unwanted things. Animal shelters can also bring unwanted clothes and blankets to dogs and cats warm.

Take a pet from a shelter or the street. If you can not take an animal, come to the shelter with food and treats, socialize and walk with a quadruped. “CATS Kingdom”, “Basia and bull”, “In good hands”, “Best friends”, “LKP lion” and other shelters in your city waiting just for you!

Щедрий вівторок: 7 добрих справ, які ви можете зробити просто зараз

Share your talent

If you know how to photograph, to draw, to embroider, Handicrafts and the like, then your talents can find useful application with good purpose. Help non-profit organizations, charitable foundations or socially responsible businesses – do what you can to spread kindness!

Share money

If you have no time, but there are financial opportunities, it is in the adventure, you will become a charitable organization. There are many people who are involved in certain problems on a regular basis: orphanages, hospices, geriatric centers, palliative care, and the like. Translated into their account with any amount or set up a monthly transfer of funds.

Make a purchase for an elderly person in its sole discretion. Buy what you lacked. The old man will not forget your good deed, but you can still pay directly to the organizations that do this: “Starenki”, 2Let”s Help!”, “Old age is a joy” and others. Sometimes older people lack of communication.

Щедрий вівторок: 7 добрих справ, які ви можете зробити просто зараз

Buy good goods

You can do good works and to the material memory about it – get thingsthat sell with a particular noble purpose. You will be pleased and will help someone – money from good products go to charity.

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