General on instructions for opening fire: no one wants dozens of dead

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 General on instructions to open fire: no one wants a dozen dead

The commander of the central district of the IDF, General Yossi Fuchs, in an interview with the newspaper Yediot Ahronot, gave his assessment of the instructions for opening fire in the event of an attempted infiltration.

The general said, “No one wants dozens of dead here who have nothing to do with it. Every day, those who are looking for work, children, arrive at the dividing fence. I can't give the order to fire on them if they're unarmed and don't pose a threat, especially if they're in Palestinian territory.

Fuchs said 29 Palestinians have been killed in his area since the beginning of the year , of which two are not terrorists. In 2021, 9 Palestinians were killed.

According to Fuchs, the incident at the Jalama checkpoint. during which Major bar Pelah was killed, “despite everything, demonstrated the superiority of the IDF.” Fuchs claims that during the sudden firefight, Major Pelah managed to kill one terrorist, but the second managed to shoot him.

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